Sunday, 12 September 2021

I'm alive!

Hihi! I am alive. I was right with my previous prediction of not being able to update until September! I have both loved and hated not blogging. There is something very therapeutic about spouting tosh into your computer! But it has been nice to have a break and not have the pressure from myself to try and "keep up to date". I don't know how I am going to blog from here on. I want to update on what we have done and yet at the same time its all so out of date is there any use?? Feed back here would be good! Do you want me to jump into current affairs or catch up on the past? The perfectionist in me wants to try and catch up! But I am so far behind that will be a big, long task! I have been going to bed at midnight - a far cry from my previous 130am!! I miss staying up late as I got so much more done. Can't say i'm much less tired though as I still come home and take a morning nap! Just nap a little less long!

The only real big change this end is that we are now a family of 7 instead of 4! 3 new fluff bummed additions have joined us in chickens! They are totally adorable and have completely taken over. Even visiting the kitchen today ... ha! Most of you who follow me on facebook will know about them already and i'll come to "the" post about them at some point. 

The girls have gone back to school this week only had tears from Sophie on Monday the rest of the week has gone well. I think this is in part due to the continuity of her having the same teacher as last year - Mr G. Now Mr G is every mums dream. He is both a really good gentle teacher but also a good bit of eye candy! I could go on but my husband might be reading this ... ha! Or he might not cook my tea tonight ...!! So Sophie is now in Year 2 and Jess has just moved into year 5! Which is nothing short of terrifying now that leaving and going to secondary school is just around the corner! We even had the email about visiting a secondary school today. They do visits for years 5&6. I feel year 5 is too soon but this is just me in denial BIG time! 

Right i'm going to look back to July when life started to go mental and do an update from there and see how we go. I think i'll try and bang out some updates daily for a bit (she says ... !) and try and catch up. See the perfectionist in me is trying to win ... So back we go to ...

Monday 5th July:

Today was an inset (or as I have seen this ever since I was a kid - InseCt!) day! So we went to town. I started the morning by pulling out some random junk from the garage. I wasn't even dressed lol. I went looking for ... something ... and just started pulling stuff out. Out came the pushchair. It's not a in a great state but it is still possibly usable. Would like to sell for a tenner or something but it gets stuck trying to put it up and down. So hubby needs to look at it. Sophie however was very excited and wanted to put her doll in it. 

Had to clear the bed so I could sit on it to get dressed today. My room looks more like a kids toy shop some days! And what is that chicken doing in that box?! I last saw it in the garden ...

So today we are off to town. Kids want Mcdonalds. We see Grandad whilst there and go in the park. But first we take a walk through the cathedral and round the back of the river. Stopping by the icecream van on the way.

We spot a swan! Haven't seen one in ages.

In the park later on we spot 2 squirrels. First one was by the bench and the second one I heard weird noise in the bin and looked to see it running out with that looked like pizza in its mouth! Scavenger!

Later that evening was spent writing birthday invitations for Jessica's birthday in 11 days time.

Tuesday 6th July:

Kids back at school after their day off. Over the weekend we put doors and shelves on Jesscia's new kallax unit. I had forgotten to post this. We had them but hadn't put them on yet. 1 black door as they didn't have anymore than that! And some glass shelves. Which I wasn't for but hubby was lol. Tbh there wasn't that much choice mind!

Thursday 8th July:

No you haven't gone mad. There is no Wednesday as nothing had happened! So on to Thursday.

I had a bed mate over night. It's been a while! And I wake up to her not sleeping on the mattress but to having fallen off and sleeping on the floor down the gap lol!

As its the theme of this summer it is yet another cloudy day ...

Only to have it start to clear off at tea time ...!!

I end the day by this time writing Sophie's birthday invitations! There are 10 days between the girls birthdays and the parties were 2 weekends one after the other.

In the evening I'm tidying up when I hear the kids chattering to the neighbour over the fence. They have captured a worm and made it a home and then show if off to him,

While I am putting Sophie down to bed Jess decides to get arty. Otters is the name of her school class.

Friday 9th July:

Today I decided to take some pictures on the way home from school of pretty things. I quite like the shot of this grass. Not sure why but I do! 

Someone has been and cut the hedge. Whilst very neat it does look a bit wonky lol!

I love this bush. There is one in the front of our garden that is somewhat massive! No idea where it came from as we never planted it!

This one has cute little flowers but is in need of a haircut lol!

I love this purple one but can't go up close to someones house to picture it!

Someone has painted their gate and I just love it. Such a prettier look than the boring brown fence you always see! I love it.

And here is someones garage door. I think the red and purple mix really well together!

The playground this morning is empty but looks welcoming. It is just opposite our house across the road so is quite a tease for our girls. They can hear the kids in it and see it from the bedroom window. On the plus it's not far to go to visit ... and to return for the inevitable wee wees!

The fence has trees growing up it. The problem is they bush out so far at times that they have to be cut back.

Once I get indoors and get the day started part of my day is to find a bedroom once again ... If I had a £1 for every item I have tidied over the years I would be minted lol!

Job done ... for now ...

Right that's it for this update! Sorry I went all quiet on you! It's just a fact of life things take over and you loose it and down you go. But so longs you pick yourself back up, dust off and carry on its all good! This is quite long so i'll leave it here. It's taken me 2 days to write this as it is lol! But any way its done now and I shall start the next one ...!! Take care all. Hope your all well as can be and have had a good summer. Weather has been rubbish but we've had to make what we can of it really! Lots of love from The Mad House. Xx

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