Monday, 13 September 2021

Gardening and Crafting - What could be better?!

Time to whip another post out ... Here's to another blog update. This is a busy one with garden, crafting, and looooots of good TV! Enjoy ...

Saturday 10th July:

Today is another garden day. First up harvesting some Strawberries. 

Don't they look cosy on their bed of straw! I actually put that straw in last year and it's still survived! I haven't had as many slugs this year as last. The straw is a downside that the slugs like to hide in it. However this summer overall hasn't been that wet so far so that is most likely the reason.

That'll do for today!

Last year one of the neighbours plants decided to seed itself in our garden. Now we know it's a nice plant so i've let it carry on ...! Doesn't it look grand up there!

Little flower shoots are starting to pop out everywhere!

And here are some just opening. Gotta show you a close up of one too as they are totally gorgeous!

Next up check the rest of the veggie patch. Here is the beetroot - this looks almost ready to pick I think.

I did plant lettuce seeds of different varieties directly into this planter 3 times and nothing ever came up!!! I want to say inconsistent watering as it gets dry up there and I just don't have time to go out every evening any more when i'm dealing with kids and school prep.

The sweetcorn is doing really well ...

Even little pollen thingies coming up. Yes that's the new technical term lol!

Raspberries are still going. But i've given up picking. I still have last years in the freezer and no one else eats them except me!! I just got down hearted and thought whats the point so just left them.

They did well though

Next up the potatoes. I have no idea whats going on with the left bag. The only thing I can think of is that half the soil is left over pond soil from a bag. I wanted to use it up and assumed I could use in the veggies. Will empty it at some point and see how many are in there and if anything has grown!

Some potato flowers coming up on the others. Once these go over they should be ready for picking.

On to the tomatoes. Here we have some flowers so the fruit should come nicely behind these.

I planted another cucumber plant as the first one took its death. Thankfully when I seeded them 2 came up out of 3 so I had a spare. It looks to be doing well despite a bit late for it.

Courgette plant is really blooming well. And I can see baby courgette and a flower for another.

Carrots are getting tall. Must be growing well underneath! I think the pot is a bit small so I dunno just how big they will get mind ...

The purple sprouting brocalli is coming up nicely. Again planted too late but this year was really bad for me.

Decided to get some of the plants up the top of the garden in the borders now that I have managed to weed some patches. So in goes some Aquilegia. This was rampant in the garden when we first moved in but I thought it was a wild weed so ripped it all out! Doh!!

I go indoors for a small break to find Sophie in her work "mans" gear putting up wall paper on her kitchen LOL!

Back outside and by the pond I spot this cute white little moth thing. Just taken to google and it is a white plume moth. Seems it feeds on bind weed. No wonder its in my garden then! Plenty of that coming in lol.

After my distraction its time to do some more digging so I go up to this middle point. Its started to rain a bit so i'm doing it in the wet again.

You can see the bind weedy bit I haven't touched yet!

I then get some scissors out and cut along the edge of the grass to neaten it a bit before retiring for the day. Yes I am that mad!!

Sunday 11th July:

Today is a bit of a tough day mentally. I feel poop. Just want some real summer to come. It's ok now that we are almost free to see people unrestricted again but the weather doesn't support meet ups and outdoor activities. Hardly touched my sunbed this year at all. I have an extremely rare visit from Jessica to sleep with me and then Sophie came down to wake us up and jump in bed with J. 

I brought Jess some bead art which are mini stickers. Sophie has been dying to have a go so I brought her her own too to do with her! So here she is at it ...

After we had completed this little man I ran out into the garden before the Wimbledon final was on. I planted this Rudbeckia at the back of the border as the flowers are meant to get quite big.

And put this - I forget what its called - nearer the front. It gets pretty blue flowers on the top which are gorgeous!

Then I rush in for a duo of Wimbledon and Branson's trip into space! What bad timing as I couldn't give either of them 100% watching!

And then of course later in the evening we were treated to the final of the footy where we just about loss. They did sooo well though! The girls stayed up til half time then I got them in bed as they were getting a bit bored of it too. Sophie made this flag at school to wave while watching!

And eventually we fell into bed ...!! That's all folks! Until next time - Keep looking up to the skies! Lots of love from The Mad House Xx

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