Monday, 29 November 2021

Baking Home Made Courgette Bread!

Hiiiiiii!!! Did you spot the mistake in my last blog? I put Friday 31st September. There are only 30 days. But I couldn't be bothered to change it lol! I see you now going back to check LOL! Any way here we are starting October. I'm quite excited about that as it means i'm now only about 6 weeks behind - Doh! Still we are catching up and that's the main thing! So let's jump back in to a weekend ... Hello October!

Saturday 2nd October: 

Yay it's the weekend! Today I need to sort Jessica's clothes. Summer ones away and winter ones out. So here is an action shot.

After the clothes are done I decide I need to cook something to use up a big remaining courgette I picked from the veggie patch. So I dig out an old recipe my neighbour gave me and make courgette and cheese bread. Sophie wants to help so we set to it

Whilst it was cooking we set about playing monopoly. As you may remember from my last blog entry we set up a game but didn't finish it. So we are back to it ... Sophie is out first. Followed by mummy. This leaves daddy and Jessica to it! And daddy wins ...

The bread is then ready so we try a bit. It's nice but a little too strong on the herb front! We leave half out and freeze the other half.

Sunday 3rd October: 

Today I plan in a relaxing down day. I push hard at the weekends in summer in the garden and in Winter try and aim for the opposite. This is the season of down time, recouping and hibernation! That said ... I didn't clean the chickens out yesterday because it was raining so I need to do it today.

First I start the day with a cup of coffee. This is my Sunday mug as it has "religious" things on it. It's always good to have some positive affirmations/wordings to remind you of your worth!

After being fuelled by caffine I head out into the garden. All the below is washed and drying..

Here is a pic of the tarpaulin. After that torrential rain we pulled it right down to protect this side more. 

We then topped up the run with some new woodchips. 

And I scattered the old bedding on the - what was grass - that is now turning to mud!

Once I was done with the chickens I had some lunch and then it was time to commence with some crafting. I am starting to make some Autumn leaves. The eventual finish will be lots of leaves and some acorns all stringed out on a garland type thing! So I can hang it up - somehow! However this is me and I have such little time for craft so this won't be finished for some years - If at all!!But I need something to keep these fingers busy. Last year or even - the beginning of this year - you may recall I started to learn how to crochet. I should do some of this too as I want to crochet a simple but pretty square to use as a dishcloth. I know, I know - So old lady-ey but gotta start somewhere!! So I might take that up again soon. Any way for now here is the start of my leaf garland. All ready to go with my first pattern. There are 2 types of leaf and I am going to knit both types of mixtures of colours. So here I am snuggled up in my favourite blanket. I love everything about it. The fur edges, the cream chunky knit and the inside is a nice fleece. It's luuush!

Here we are! Leaf one is complete. A nice medium green colour. I timed myself and it took me 17 minutes. May have included some child interruption time but I can't remember! On to leaf number 2 in orange. Whilst listening to some relaxing hymns for Sunday on YouTube. 

Leaf number 2 is finished! I start leaf number 3 on a darker shade of green but stop there as it's tea time.

We have restarted our winter tradition of having candles at the table once again. There is something so nice and homely about it. I do sooo love candles! The light is so calm and relaxing with it's gentle flickery flick of light.

At bedtime Jessica decided to dress up as a ... well ... a "thing"! That is all I can explain it as LOL! Mad child!! I had a quick shower before bed. Usually this is a morning thing for me but got side tracked by rushing out to the chickens! So got showered ready and came out to this notice on my pillow from Jessica. I've never had a congratulations on having a shower before! I've not had that many showers in my life though LOL!!

Right that's the end of another round up! Hope you found it interesting and/or fun. Definately a few odd moments in the weekend! To current times and tomorrow is the Christmas light switch on in town. Both girls will be singing in the choir. They are due on stage at 430pm. Jessica is excited and Sophie is nervous. I'm sure it will be fine though so longs as the weather stays dry! It's meant to so fingers crossed! Friday will be children in need (almost wrote chicken in need then!) and the girls have to go in in non school uniform. Florescent colours. We don't have any! So i'll send them in as bright as we've got! They don't really care so longs they get their £1 donation i'm sure!! Right nothing else new so i'm going to sign off here. Keep looking up! Lots of love to all from The Mad House Xx

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