Wednesday, 14 July 2021

BANG! And the bird was gone!!


It's update catch up time! In current time not much has happened. I've been to the dentist for them to look at a lump on a root of a tooth high up in the gum. It is round and pea like. Doesn't appear to have got bigger but I only noticed it 3-4 weeks ago. As is customary you are meant to get lumps checked out so I went down and was seen within an hour! Impressive! She thinks it's just some bone that's either grown some more or that it's always been there and i've only just noticed it. Either way she took x-rays to check under neath and all was good. I apparently (unsuprisingly with my severe allergies) have a low large hanging sinus. It comes down to the half way over the roots of the teeth. So there is potential that some tenderness was coming from that but most likely just me prodding it about so much! Need to watch it until the end of September to make sure it doesn't grow or change and dentist will review it then. My back is still bothering me. But not had a chance to get on my machine the past few days as evenings have been busy. Kids up late, up late wrapping presents, writing blog posts etc etc! Any way everything else is all normal. Starting to get end of term stuff coming home - pe kits and big heavy books! So it's all wind down time. Had ANOTHER birthday invitation for Sophie yesterday argh! It's madness! Right on with the update ...

Monday 21st June:

Today was eventful! I was sat on the sofa before tea and heard a horrific bang of something slapping into the dining room window. I went rushing out but saw nothing. Hubby came down and looked out and then saw a bird flat on it's back! A little sparrow. A quick google told us to observe it in a box for a couple of hours as was most likely stunned. So we put in shoe box. You can see him here:

We had added a bit of food before realising we shouldn't be feeding it - oops!

His little beak isn't closed so we suspected dislocated. We tried to take him out a couple of times but he sat in the box with no intention of flying away. So we rang up the vets to take a look. I had the box on my lap for the car journey. They took him in and brought back in 5 minutes. They said as soon as they opened the lid he flew out! Which they weren't expecting. They thought he was a baby that couldn't fly and had bashed into our window on release. He did have a dislocated jaw though so they sorted that out. We were advised to take him home and release into the garden which we did. Opened the box but he had no intention of going! The girls wanted to stroke him so we thought he would be off at this but allowed it any way. Video here:

As you can see he loved it lol! So hubby had a go at putting his hand in to lift him out and that did it. As can be seen here:   And away he went up into a nearby bush!

Tuesday 22nd June:

The kids were a nightmare to get up for school today. There was lots of rolling around and playing in Jessica's bed! As can be seen here!

Nothing else exciting happened today ...!

Wednesday 23rd June:

There's a bright full moon out tonight! Rubbish pictures but it's bright1

Thursday 24th June:

Sophie has started sleeping with me at night! I keep being woken up any when between 130am-330am by whispers of "can I sleep with you?". Now i'm not strict and quite frankly so longs as people are asleep I don't care where they sleep!! I camped on the sofa and she had her old cot mattress on the living room floor next to me. It does mean going up and down to fetch teddies, pillows and duvet but usually once she is settled she goes back to sleep quickly. So fair do's! She is still doing this now and has been for almost a month! So i'm hoping she does grow out of it soon. Although it is quite sweet to wake up to that little face! Whilst she doesn't cry at the school door any more in the mornings she does still cling to me and need to be peeled off me. It seems that when the crying stopped and mornings got slightly better she then started this night time awakening! It's from one thing to another with kids! Gah!

Friday 25th June:

Today we got the school photos. Obviously I can't show you the whole thing due to the whole not posting other people's children on the internet thing! But here are my 2 ... Some twat forgot that it was photo day!! So I could have done their hair better! And Sophie wasn't in the official uniform! Doh!! In fact looking closely either was Jessica LOL! Oh deary me! 

So that's it for this week. It was mostly a quiet one apart from the mad rush to the vets with that bird! So sorry it's been a short one again! I will now log off as it's 5 minutes off of 1am! I must sleeeeeep! 7am will soon be here when I tend to naturally wake. Right sleep well all! Good morning/afternoon! Lots of love from The Mad House Xx

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