Monday, 19 July 2021

Clouds, clouds and have a few more clouds!

Hello Once again! Here is another blog catch up post. It's blinking hot here in the UK at the moment. It's gone up to 31c which is lush! And long over due. However it means I don't want to spend too much time with a hot laptop on my lap lol! So on with the update we go! ...

Monday 28th June:

Today is super stormy! A thunderstorm comes close but not a direct hit. It slides down the East of us. Even so me and Sophie make great uses of it and still get excited!

On my way to school run you can really tell something is building as the sky is full of convective towers.

We can hear thunder from a distance so we load up the live lightning map. Whenever we saw a lightning strike we would run outside to wait for the thunder. It is pretty accurate! Sophie totally loved this and was giggling her head off!

Not sure where my smiling face is here!!

Tuesday 29th June:

I wake up to my bed mate once again. This is now a daily occurance. I'm still in so longs she sleeps I don't care where she sleeps mode ...!

After tea Jess wants to play outside for some reason! This hasn't happened for a couple of years so I am most surprised! But she asks for the chalk and gets colouring in the wall!

Soon she has a helper!

Here is some feint previous artwork of daddys!

The kids decide they want to feed the pigeons bird food ...

The birds are appreciative of their feed!!

We then come in and remember that Wimbledon is on. So I switch it on and me and my girl watch some then time for bed!

Wednesday 30th June:

Went up to pick some fruit for tea today. Got some strawberries and raspberries. No one is liking the raspberries though! So i've now given up picking them at all as I can't eat them all myself! 

After tea the kids went out to pay on the patio again, Not quite sure what is going on but I think it involves chalk, a knife and a plate. Making some potion?!

Bed time see's me snuggled up with some relaxing You Tube channel on TV and a book to read for a bit. No it's not snow it's some sparkles or something lol!

Thursday 1st July:

Today I write and get out Jessica's birthday invitations. Her birthday is just over 2 weeks away so now is a good time. On the way to school the sky was looking convective again. Don't think we will get any storms but should watch out for showers. Wonder if I can make it there and back without getting wet?! ... As it happens I managed so it was worth the gamble!

Friday 2nd July:

Bit of a boring week this update isn't it?!! Life becomes so samey with lockdown. All I do is go out to school and swimming lessons lol! 

Today looked like the sun was going to come out so I ran for my sunbed. No sooner had I got there than the sky went from picture 1 to picture 2! I was not happy ...!!

Here is the evening update! I wrote and posted it but of course you have most likely read it already! I post my posts to facebook, instagram and twitter. Twitter is mostly a waste of time tbh as I have no one on it really lol. And Instagram brings in a couple of views but not much. The majority of my viewers come from facebook with google search second. 

Right that's it for this week. Sorry it's somewhat boring! Some weeks are just that like that aren't they with not much going on! The weather hasn't helped either with it either really wet or just so cloudy and depressing! We have been under cloud here for weeeeks on end now! (funny that as I type this in real time it's been 31c today LOL!). Right i'm off! Had a busy weekend with a sleepover for Jessica's birthday and i'm shattered still! Sleep well all! Lots of love from The Mad House Xx

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