Saturday, 10 July 2021

Summer turns to Autumn

Uppity uppity update time! So what's changed in the past 2 days? My mood a little I guess! Looks like the weather is going to get sunnier and warmer at last come mid week next week. So that fills me with hope! Just in time for Jessica's birthday too which should be nice. I can't believe that we are only 2 weeks off of the summer holidays now! This just fills me with terror. Argh! How on earth has time gone so quickly! Need to get a holiday booked in at some point. Will look at the same place we went to last year on the cliff top in New Milton. It's not far away so will just be quick and easy! Plus we have been there before and the girls keep asking to go back. Just need to choose a lodge to stay in. Right enough nattering on wards with the update we go! This one is a week day update ...

Monday 14th June:

Monday! The day that my house is most messiest! I don't tend to do much house work over the weekend. On wet weekends I might try and do other house stuff like sorting clothes, diy in kids rooms, sorting stuff. Well I guess some would class that as house work mind! Or if it's nice i'm in the garden or playing games with the kids. So yea come Monday it's usually a bomb site. This is the mess that greets me this week. Not too bad tbh compared to some weeks! Can anyone else relate?!

After tea Jessica decides she wants to play outside on the patio! This is very rare! Last year she didn't play out at all and year before minimal. She has been doing this a lot over the last month and it's awesome to see! She likes to put YouTube in the laptop at full pelt and listen to it whilst outside. I drew the tree in the top corner :-D

Daddy drags her bike out so she can play with it on the patio but there ends up not being enough space.

Sun and clouds by Jessica. Love it!

Make sure you cross in the right place!

Tuesday 15th June:

On the morning walk home from school I spot some bees on this geranium (or at least that's what I think it is lol!). Do correct me! They are such beautiful flowers. 

I like dandelions too. Didn't stop for a close up as I was being followed by someone and didn't want to look like a lunatic LOL!

After school Sophie wanted to go to the park .We went over with another school mum and Jess decided to come when she knew her friend would be there. She posed in a tree and demanded she had her picture taken!

We have spotted a white bummed bee nest under our path outside the front door of late! It goes down by the shingle then under the concrete. Doesn't appear to be swarming or too annoying so happy to leave them beeeeee (haha!) for now. If they end up getting very busy or obvious pain we will have to do something about it.

Doesn't the sky look pretty in this one. I do like all the shapes of clouds from tiny whispy ones up to big giant thunder clouds!

Looking at my poppy it is doing well! I looked closely and saw that there is a smaller plant growing up behind it too. So might have to dig out this front as it is getting massive now! 

I don't recognise the next 3 pictures so I think that Sophie must have got my phone!!

Wednesday 16th June:

Uneventful usual week day. I sat on the sunbed having an ice cream and Sophie brought me a friend she had found. A little beetle of some kind crawling up her arm. She went off to find a nature book to find out what he was but he was gone when she returned.

I had a ding meal as the kids had an early tea of pizza after swimming. They were hungry early so I ate later and chose to eat outside for the first time this year.

Put the kids down to bed and came down to see a frog in the dining room! I ran up and J was just about still awake so I got her out of bed to see it. This was him on his way out. Getting her up wasn't a good idea though as she was awake for the next hour - Doh! Too much excitement! It's always a catch 22 with things like this as I like them to build fun memories but you pay with tired non sleeping kids - Gah!

Thursday 17th June:

Today the weather has changed with some wet weather. Wore my trainers on school run this morning and came back with 2 wet feet! Oooops! I get on Amazon and buy some wellibobs which are basically just ankle lengthed wellies. I choose a pair that are a little more expensive as they are fleece lined on the bottom for comfort. Feel a bit weird as they are wellies but tbh they do the job for a short trip like school run! Jess says they are fashion shoes lol! I went for blue as that is my favourite colour and what I wear most of the time in one way or another. I do like the fleece bit which definitely makes a difference to comfort. Easy to put on and off so they suit me well!Here they are:

Here is a semi tidy living room for a change ...

Sophie found a tooth fairy from a toy set she had ages ago. This apparently is THE tooth fairy! Sophie claimed she trapped her during her last tooth that came out. And therefore she has kept the fairy forever ... Cute!!

This is how I found Sophie at bed time LOL! Apparently the pillows are steps into bed?! 

Friday 18th June:

Today the weather has turned super wet! It was summery beginning of the week and now it's like summer has turned into Autumn again. True British style! It absolutely threw down for school run so I had to wear my wellies. (Wellibobs not yet arrived in the post!) Kids wanted me to take some piccies too so here is lot's of rain for you.

Once we got in and dried off it was empty book bag time. I was presented with Jessica's creation during wet play today. A mini rucksack, paper airplane and mini note pad. There was a mini pencil but it got lost - oops! I do love her creativity!

And what better way to end a Friday night than fish n' chips! The bonus was that the queue was short as it was raining so got in and out in 20 minutes. Sorted!

So here ends another update! Nothing has really changed over the past few days. My back is still bad but I got on my machine last night briefly and will do again in a minute. Need to work at loosening it all up slowly and trying to get on top of the pain again. I've been on the cocodamol today so need to do something! We had a garden guy come at 830am to do us a quote so waiting on that to be emailed out over the next week. And another guy coming Monday. The guy today has a lead time of into November/December now. So long as it's done by March i'm not too bothered now tbh! Would have been good to have had it done before Autumn but everyone is busy. This guy did our Fence before so we know the work is good so we shall see. Need to see how the guy is Monday and then how the 3 quotes marry up and decide from there. Right i'm off to treat the back then off to beddies! Sleep well/good morning/afternoon where ever you are! Keep looking up! Lots of love from The Mad House Xx Oh does anyone else have a blog??! Do send me a link I would love a read!

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