Monday, 12 July 2021

Roblox, Birthday parties and Garden

Oi Oi!! Quick update time! No big news here! Just a lot of appointments, birthday parties and general madness over the next few weeks! Oh and we have booked our holiday for this year - Yippee! No where exotic - Just down to New Milton - so not even out of the county! But it's a lodge on the cliff top and we can walk down to the beach. It's nice and close so quick and easy. Right on with the update! ...

Saturday 19th June:

Today is mostly a quiet day. We have a party to go to for Sophie's school friend. (Unbeknown to me this is the first of many to come...!) It is at their house and they have hired a assault course bouncy castle. Sophie is going through a clingy phase still so wants me to stay. She has a good play for 20 mins or so and then wants to do some colouring. She plays with a bit of lego and more colouring. But wants me with her most of the time. It was cold so I took my coat but despite the thick cloud there was no rain. We get home after a couple of hours and just play on roblox and generally chill out for the rest of the day. I should go in the garden but i'm feel down and out of sorts. The thick cloud doesn't exactly call my name either!

Sunday 20th June:

We start the day with some roblox. Sophie likes playing with us so we all log on and spend an hour or so. This has become somewhat of a weekend routine now lol.

I don't feel much better today but force myself outside. I am not going to waste dry weather when I have so much that needs doing. 
This bush has been giant and covering the pathway for ages. This is it after I cut it!I had to do battle with the bees who wanted to chase me when I was trying to cut it. So I was alternating what side I was doing and moving when they got a little too excited/annoyed with me!

This area needs weeding so I get to it ... Before ...

After ...

Rain stops play so I hide under the upside down paddling pool on the washing line LOL!! Yes it's June! Yes it's cold! And yes I have my coat on! It's about 14c ...

Sophie comes out not long after and pics a pretty flower to go in the beak of this iron chicken we have LOL. Looks cute!

Rain stops so I creep out and move my darlick compost bin to here. This is not a long term thing but it needs a home whilst the garden works are going on. (Had 3 guys come and look at our garden now. 2 have estimated £4k for the works! Mostly the rustic brick path I want put in and sourcing the old bricks which will be about £2 each! :-O So might need to rethink that plan! Still waiting on one more quote then will decide who we go with. Looking into next year for the work though as everyone is busy.)

I put card down first as there is bind weed under this lot and then put the compost on top. It's very wet so needs some drying out! This will be in full sun so that should help some. Plus add some card to it.

Job done!

So as you can see I didn't do much but I forced myself out. Tiny steps and all that!
The weather continues to look like it will get hot in about 3-4 days time. So hopefully this next weekend I will get out there. Jessica's birthday is Friday and she has 2 friends Saturday so we shall see ... what ... if anything I get done! Will be good to get some evening gardening done if nothing else. Then the weekend after is Sophie's birthday! 
Right just a short update in this one. My back is still bad so i'm off on my machine to watch some trash TV! Keep looking up the sun is coming! Yippee!!Lot's of love to all! From The Mad House Xx

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