Thursday, 8 July 2021

The sunny, sun, sun, returns! And the kids go froggin'!

No headache tonight so i'm back on for a weekend update. My back is really bad at the minute. Not used my back massager machine for ages. And it was this that was keeping me moving! Once I seize up it kicks off the sciatica and either get bum/leg pain or a lot of leg aching! So that's where I am. A lot of leg aching and a dead back. The dead back triggers bad tension headaches too so had a few of those the past few weeks as well. Better get back on the machine ... although i'm scared as once things start loosening up a bit that triggers headaches too! Argh! Other to that i'm all good haha!! Sooo without further a-do here is our update from the weekend in June ...

Saturday 12th June:

Today starts with Sophie asking for my make up bag down. Now i've never been a big wearer of make up. I like it. I'm just too lazy to put it on!! I have worn it for weddings and important events and also when I was younger and had really bad acne and needed a cover up job! Any way as I barely touch the stuff anymore I let her loose and she dolled herself up.

As it is a bit hotter today I put Sophie's hair up for her too.

This leads nicely into the next story where she then goes into the garden and finds a baby frog on the patio in a tub the kids have dumped there!

I start to clear the patio as today is pressure wash the patio for summer day. Only a month later than usual but the weather down South has been horrific this Spring so not time to. Isn't he cute! Must be one of last years babies me thinks.

Still it is not long until he is somewhat harassed though and shoved in a box to be made a new home!Poor thing looks totally lost! He ain't happy when they add water either!

Then it's time to try and pick the thing up ...! Ha!

In the end it becomes too much for some and after releasing him in the pond they take to my sunbed!

Now as you can see there it warm enough for the pool so must be about 25/26c. We have a genius way of filling it up by vicing the hose pipe to a chair and having the other end of the pipe indoors. It is attached the power shower. So on with the heat and straight out the bathroom window up the garden lol!

Only Sophie really used the pool. Jess went back to her ipad!

I have a late lunch whilst looking on.

Someone tries to warm up after!

Not long after this I apparently didn't do something that upset Sophie. So she took offence, donned her high heels and said she is leaving home! Ruck sack and toys and off she went ... (Out of the garden gate and set up camp in the alley way LOL)

Patio to be cleaned. Look at all those weeds! It's mad! We have some sealant for the gaps that the neighbour kindly gave us but haven't used yet.

All the stuff moved up out the way ...

One technical hitch of leaving the laundry basket under a tree here was that it lost a load of petals and I had to empty them out the sheets LOL!

I went out after a late tea in the garden tonight. It was a lovely warm evening so not to be missed. Forgot to take piccies earlier so flash is on as it's getting dark. First planted some sweetcorn.

Put new soil into these 2 small square planters. 

Add in one some lettuce ... 

Add in the next one some beetroot ...

After putting the kids to bed I went to my sunbed again about 10:30pm. I love these evenings when it's warm and I can sit here with chocolate and soak up the sights and sounds of summer!

It's still light over there around 22:45! Love it! June is one of my favourite months!

Sunday 13th June:

Today was mostly a chilling day by the pool as it's another hot one. I dipped myself in and out of the paddling pool on more than one occasion to cool off a bit! So all you get for today is a variety of pictures of me, my sun hat, my book, my sun brolly and my lolly. Summer in a nutshell!

That's all folks! The next update will be a week day one. It's weird writing about heat and sun when it feels sooo long ago! In fact it was a whole month ago since we last saw the sun and temps over 21/22c really! However the weather looks good for the end of next week so fingers crossed for Thursday onwards for some sun and heat to return! The pool is outside waiting for it! Right i'm off to chill before sleep so take care all! Keep looking up (we might see beyond the clouds soon ha!) Lots of love from The Mad House Xx

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