Tuesday, 6 July 2021

Halloween?! In summer?!

Hello Earthlings! I'm going to try and do a blog update ... or at least start on it. I have a wanging (a word I made up i'm sure!) headache so might just aim for the first day then lay down and rest. We are still in June and we got up to ...

Monday 7th June:

2 school run pics. One of a spikey bush that has started to creep out into the pathway with threats of death. It looks like something you could really hurt yourself on lol! No idea what it is but I stopped quick to take the pic on the way up to school to show you!

On the way back down the hill again the girls stopped with a friend to play in this tree. They do love climbing it!

Tuesday 8th June:

This is quite possibly going to be up there with one of my most random blog posts ever. No real rhythm to it and lots of jumping around. But it'll keep you on your toes!

Back when hubby was away with the kids I went to town and brought this oil bottle from TK Maxx. I thought it was pretty cute. It has berries and a bottle of wine on one side and pretty poppies the other. I like it and it brightens up my kitchen! Yes I should take the £3 label off it lol!

When we got home from school it was actually nice and sunny for once. So me and Soph sat out on the sunbed eating some chicken wraps from Waitrose for out snack.

I then did the joyful job of laundry folding!

Then I had the mystery of who brought sand inside?! Apparently it was Mr Nobody again ...! I know it was that Sophie however and Jess hasn't touched the sandpit in a few years now really.

Wednesday 9th June:

Another rare (this summer!) sunny day so here are some random piccies of the garden in sun! Not seen many of these so far this year aye! As it's swimming day it makes for a nicer come out of the pool for the ids. They still have to arrive and depart in swimwear.

Thursday 10th June:

The bushes we moved from the garden are not looking very happy! For anyone that missed it we moved them about a month ago. I know it was the wrong time of year however so they haven't taken to happily to it! for anyone that missed the original move you can read that blog post here: https://rebekahc-talesofahousewife.blogspot.com/2021/05/last-weeks-catch-up.html

Our lilies in a pot outside the front door have come out. They are looking good too! :-) The pot used to be full of them but for some weird reason we only get a few now?! Maybe I should introduce some more bulbs for more colour. Yellow and orange anyone?

We are about to go to bed when Jess decides it's time for her to do her homework ...!! I didn't even know she had any as she never said.

Luckily for her Sophie was just reading her book to daddy so there was just enough time.

Friday 11th June:

Been feeling really tired and blurgh lately so it's off to the hospital for a blood test to check my iron levels. My stores come back at 50 which is over their minimum of 30 so i'm not anaemic. Running slightly low over my own levels which I pulled up to 73 a year or so back. So will keep taking iron to top up a bit more. I guess it's emotional and linked to the pandemic/low mood which can really zap you of energy when emotions are running high, The evening is warm so after putting the kids down I go and sit out on the sun bed for 10 minutes as the last of the day light slips away. It's about 10:30pm now. Doesn't the house look spooky in that picture lol! Very halloween like! I feel like some ghosts are about to shove their heads out the doors lol! Nope don't see it? Just me? Ok :-D

Right that's it for this weeks round up! I've made it to the end despite the headache. I want to try and catch up so I can post about other stuff than just day to day tosh. Dunno if i'll manage it but i'm trying. Whole of life feels like a catch up right now from blog, to housework. to missed years of life. Woooh that's deep lol! But feel like i'm always behind with something. But we keep plodding on! We've had a inset day this week so i've just realised I wanted it post this last night (Monday) and today is Tuesday gah! Told you I was behind lol. I don't even know what day of the week it is! I guess i'll just have to try and aim for another post tomorrow. Gulp! Inset day was good as the weather was pleasant enough - for this summer any way - that we went out. I'll update on that in another post eventually though ;-) Done some more admin this week. Sent a form to the GP about Jessica's tic/ocd type behaviour. Had a garden man come back with a eye watering £4k quote for garden work! And sent 2 sets of party invitations for both girls! Life is hotting up!

Right i'm off to lay my poor head down! Keep looking up all! Lots of love from The Mad House Xx

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