Monday, 11 October 2021

Coop maintenance and garden weekend

Hello! It's another catch up posteeey wosteeey! As per usual I'm going to jump right in ... Only another 7 weeks to go until i'm all caught up ha! ...

Saturday 14th August:

Well a week in and the chickens have trashed the grass so we are going to dig it up and add woodchips in there so the whole run is woodchip. This is good for cleaning as any poo gets dug over when they scratch around. First we had to move the run so we used the metal rods we had used before and lifted it. Had to be careful as the chickens were still inside it lol But they moved along with it and got excited to see grass again!

It is also clean out day so I cleaned it whilst it was moved while hubby was digging.

The chickens are loving digging in the grass. Look at this video:

Eventually the woodchip was put in and we were ready to move the coop + hens back. Meanwhile the kids had created chalk pictures. This is chalk on kitchen roll. It has come out strangely artistic! 

Here's the poles we used. Brought from Homebase lol

And back in place!

Already digging a hole at the sides lol

Hello Speckledy!

With Peckers in the sand bowl chilling!

Sunday 15th August:

The day started off with Jessica's school friend coming over for a chicken meeting session. She got in the run with the girls and had a stroke. 

Whilst the kids were playing I decided to go check out the veggie patch ... Argh my tomatoes have got blight! They have gone all brown and yuck. I'm gutted just as they got to a good size look! Everyone I have spoken to has said the same though. It's been a trash year for Toms!

My sweetcorn is taller than me! So this is doing well!!

Potatoes are flowering. I do love their flowers they are pretty.

Some honesty I got from my neighbour. A pretty plant so really want to get this in the garden next year. Needs a good water!

Strawberries are very happy ...

These potatoes have died down. I looked in the bottom of one of the bags but couldn't see anything there?! So i've just left them.

Cucumber plant has gone wild ...

But is fruiting - Yay!

Carrots are still going

Courgette is doing well too ...

And chucking out babies

This is my "failure" - my purple sprouting Brocalli is very small. I suspect tub is too small for it. But I did pick a bit off it before it went to seed.

Later in the afternoon we decided to be brave and let the chickens out on the patio - one by one so they didn't escape! They went no further and enjoyed weeding the gaps for us as can be seen here in this video:

In the evening I cut up a courgette I had brought in from the garden and boxed it up. It's not in the freezer for using in the slow cooker/stews!

Right that's rounded of this weekend. It's been a busy one once again! Not doing anything in the garden now that the season is drawing to a close. Only 2 weeks until the start of Autumn. Looking forward to September and better weather as it is always nice. Can't wait to see the back of August as it's been soooo cloudy and cool. And just when we need the sun to ripen things! 

Right i'm off to get my back on my massage machine as it's been really bad again lately. I've spent the last few days with a back ground headache that's been threatening. 

To current times now we are well into October I have been looking at fireworks do's. Doesn't seem like there is anything on local which is a pain. So looks like we will need to book something and travel to it.
I've also been looking further ahead to Santa! Not sure whether to bother this year as we did last year and it's quite expensive too. They didn't play with the official Santa toys really either. We might do something else like visit a light walk/seasonal light show. Theeeeen I need to think about halloween and if we are going pumpkin picking too! Sooo much to think about this time of year! 

Right enough nattering i'm orf! Lots of love to all. Love The Mad House Xx

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