Saturday, 2 October 2021

A very busy and exciting weekend!

It's meeeeeeeee again! Time for another update. Now we are in October this is a kiss goodbye to July lol! Here goes ...

Saturday 31st July:

Today we are up very early as Sophie has to be in Eastleigh for a birthday party at 10am! This hurts everyone as kids are used to laying in! But we make it albeit almost half hour late ... Yes we have hand sanitiser with us. Soft play is a germ factory at the best of times despite during the rona! Mummy did a lot of play too as Jess wanted me to go on and both were scared of going down the giant slide! I was knackered by the end!

Today we had some big rain and discovered that our front door now leaks! Time for a new one then ... (Just had a repeat of this this week too and it's late September! Hard to choose to know what to do as we want building works done to the house that will take ages but we also need a new front door ... yesterday!)

We started unpacking one box of chicken related stuff and look what we found. A chicken swing lol! Wonder if they will ever use it ... (To this date they haven't ...!)

The evening primrose I shared last weekend is doing well and still growing. Shame it's not in a blinking flower border!! Looks weedy but haven't got the heart to rip it up.

Thankfully it's babies are still happy in pots ...

I was out in the garden pottering around in the evening and Sophie decided she wanted to come out and try and build ... something ... with my old broken greenhouse poles

Sunday 1st August:

Today is a very exciting day in which hubby gets to try and build the chicken coop! We are still not finalised on it's position yet due to it's size. But it's one of those things that you won't know until you see it finished as to where you want it! Hubby started on the patio but then needed more space so move it to the top of the garden. It was soon built but then we realised it was too heavy to move! We wanted it closer to the house so we could see them from the dining room. So we had some metal rods we put through the bars under the house to enable us to move it. Yes it can come supplied with wheels but we didn't want them LOL!  

It has some steps!

A man is reading some instructions!

A child has placed a play mate in the run

A door!

Nesting hatch door goes in ...

An interesting chicken!

Rain stop play so the child goes into create their own house out of boxes. The best play ever!

Rain stops so back out we go to move the thing to position!

It's half on grass - half on soil.

Hmm bit close to the washing line so not sure what we will do with this long term. Trial it so far and see.

View from above

So that's it from this exciting very busy weekend! Nothing else exciting happening here. Except Jessica at her first ever sleep over tonight with a school friend. So that's fun! Right i'm off to bed. Lots of love to all - from The Mad House Xx

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