Wednesday, 10 March 2021

Bedrooms, Books and Beeswax candles!

Well the kids are back at school and it feels great! I was 50/50 between knowing I would miss them and our quiet family time V I can't wait go now! Tbh I was more than ready to end home schooling. It's been horrific this time! They didn't wanna do it. I didn't wanna do it - Just horrible!! It was made worse by the fact we couldn't just do our own thing. But hey ho it's all gone now! I am enjoying the silence! My sleep routine is still haywire. Been sleeping around 1:30am and up 7:30 for school and then coming home, having breakie, then going back to bed for another 3 hours from 10-1pm! A big waste of the day but I have got so used to having a full 9+ hours sleep. this is my natural routine that I need 9-10 hours a night to function properly. I need to try and set an alarm and get up 15 minutes earlier each day from the nap and pull back my bedtime by 15 minutes too. I got so late due to the kids. Over lock down - as soon as it hit - Sophie had a big sleep regression and just refused to go to bed every night! She ended up still being up at 11-1130 every night just fighting sleep. It didn't take long for Jess to join in the late night partying and 1030pm bedtime became a norm with people still kicking off an hour later! There were some nights they saw midnight+ too! For me quality time alone is more essential than sleep to be able to function. I need silence and alone time to refresh myself for the next day. Then because we had no where to go the next day once I had got up with the girls and sorted breakfasts etc I was able to go back to bed for an extra hour or 2's catnapping. Not great sleep as lots of kid interruptions but hey rest is rest!! We have spent the past week gradually pulling bedtimes back by 15 minutes a night and tonight bedtime started at 845 so we are getting there! Jess went down at 945 last night relatively easily and woke herself at 730. Sophie however was a nightmare - well she kept saying she was having nightmares every time she closed her eyes so couldn't go to sleep. She was sobbing so hard I had no idea what she was trying to tell me or what her nightmare was! It had something to do with wanting a pet though?! A fluffy kitten which made her cry harder LOL! Kids are so weird sometimes! I still don't understand what set her off but she didn't settle til 1030pm. All good tonight though - Yippeee!! Everyone was out by 945pm!! The first time before 10pm since last year!!!

Right I am going to reverse again and follow on from last times post.

Saturday 20th February:

We still had the threadworm treatment under way. I started cleaning rooms every other day though (except bathroom which was still daily) and a day off day fell on this Saturday. 

I was awoken by a lot of noisy bird noise right outside my window. I was not a happy bunny but after exploring from our bedroom window I found that some Sparrows had taken up residence on our neighbours guttering. You can see the hole underneath. They are nesting in there. 

Sophie found some stickers from somewhere and sequins from a crafting kit. She took the cover off her ipad and put them inside the cover so you can shake they around. Very imaginative!!

We were going out somewhere. Can't remember where! Must have only been a walk though although I don't remember it?! Any way Jessica is very sensitive to clothing as part of some sensory issues she has. She had a right tantrum and went mad because none of the socks in her drawer were comfy! I have since brought some bamboo socks from the sock shop. They seem to be doing the job and i've only heard they uncomfy once out of her! So once I have some money in a weeks time I'll have to buy some more for her.

Today is empy the wardrobe day. Due to the damn threadworms I haven't had time the past few weeks but I am dying to get this sorted. I know some people could have this type of thing done in a whole weekend but i'm doing this single handed and little by little. I forgot to take some before photos but got some mid job! Here I am emptying the top shelf which I started with. I moved some stuff into Sophies room and put the rest in a plastic storage box to go on top of her walk in wardrobe. Top left in the picture. It is mostly age 9 clothing which can come out soon, summer stuff and odds and ends like sunglasses, sunhats. Will get it out at Easter. 

Next job was to take the clothing from the left side (now empty in this picture) and place into the new wardrobe shelf. I still need hubby to move this back a bit as it sticks out too far. 

The last job was to go through a couple of her shelves on the right hand side of the wardrobe that had her smellies, make up and swimming stuff on. So for the time being I have placed in this storage box. I really need Ikea to have our Kallax unit in stock!!! I want this one in oak:

Sophie got excited about the amount of toothbrushes and paste there was in the wardrobe so ran away with them to set up a little station on the sink. 

Sunday 21st February:

Sundays I try and have as down days. I am finding the school stuff hard and just lockdown and rushing around with the cleaning of threadworm stuff really stressful. I also like to live slow during winter and have lots of calm and rest. I know come Spring/Summer I will be out in that garden both days working it hard! So this is my hibernation time. Nature wants us to rest and recoup. So I start my day with a little reading from this new book. Making winter. It is a crafting type book with a nod to hygge. Some of the crafting things include preserving Autumn leaves, cooking blondies, making gin, and Apple and Caramel Chelsea buns! So gotta try them one day! You can crochet a blanket or wrist warmers, making fire lighters for BBQs or log fires, making bird snacks and making silver necklaces. Here are some pages from it:

The pictures in this book are pretty gorgeous! I do love a book with lots of pictures. It just appeals to your senses more. You can imagine smelling and feeling that fire! Smelling and feeling the sticky buns! And seeing and smelling those lovely Spring flowers!

It's a really good book and if anyone is interested the link to it on Amazon is here:

I know it's a little late in the day now it's Spring but you can always get it for next year! Or add to your Birthday/Christmas lists!

After this I decided to go and plan the garden as I hadn't got round to it yet. I usually do this in January but just too busy and couldn't be bothered! We are planning to change the top around and pull the stone area to where the veggie patch now is and add in a shed and pull down the veggie patch to the stone area as pots/raised beds and all in some chickens! Also need to make the pond smaller to make more space for a small patio up top by the pond/chickens and also ... not plans as by the house ... but also add in a trampoline! The girls practically didn't go in the garden at all this year so need something there to entice them out! Chickens and a trampoline should do that! First plan is now and pretty rubbish as it's feint but i'll shove it up anyway and plan 2 is how it could be. I say could be as depending on size of shed depends on where everything else will go LOL!! I did however fail with my plans and overall I don't know what I am doing in terms of growing stuff! If we are making such big changes I can't really grow anything or i'll be lugging big pots around?! I also don't know what to grow in each veggie pot meh I just dunno!! I think I will be making it up as I go along tbh! 

After I finished my plans I made some beeswax candles with Jessica. Brought a little kit on etsy to support a business plus these looked easy to do. She loved it!

So that's it for that weekend! I will try and get another post up or 2 over the weekend to try and catch up a bit! Most of my postings will be more and more about the garden as the weeks progress now but I'm sure other life stuff we crop up too. Especially when lockdown eases more. 

Right I am off to play a bit of Roblox. I know! I know!! Jess has got me addicted to a washing machine simulator game LOL!! Then i'm going to read a bit more of my northern lights lodge cabin book. I'm on chapter 23 or there abouts so getting close to the end. I am enjoying it lots still! For anyone who missed my review on it and link to Amazon that can be found over here:

Right have a good sleep/evening/good morning where ever you are! Maybe even good afternoon! - Hope your day is going well! Keep your chin up and look to the skies! Lots of love The Mad House Xx

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