Friday, 12 March 2021

Mummy got stabbed! And a visit from Bill and Ben the flower pot men ...

Well here we are at the end of the first week back at school. It really has been a breath of fresh air! I thought I was going to miss them bad but to be honest I haven't at all! It's been so perfectly, quiet, serene and guilt free! Well mostly guilt free ... I still feel bad about going back to bed for 3 hours every morning!! I honestly have found lockdown 3.0 hell. I think it has been not being able to get out and play or have learning outside so much harder. When you think about it having a garden is more living space too! Both the schooling, the weather (I suffer from SAD every year so this is my worst time of year any way), and just the whole pandemic and not knowing just totally drained me. So this week has been sooo good to at least have one weight taken off. Kids are back, well 2 things off actually - the kids and the home schooling! Monday was pretty hard as everyone was tired and didn't want to go back. Jess didn't want to and cried as soon as I woke her up that she didn't want to go. She clung to me at the school doors and Sophie half did/half didn't which is normal. I only didn't as it's no surprise I'm not a morning person. Never have been - never will be! As the week went on though their sleep settled down - one night they were out by 9:45! and a routine started to establish. Tonight they have gone down a bit later as Jessica's school friend was up playing Roblox so we all sat on our bed and joined her friend playing Roblox together until 9pm. There was tears as Sophie's had a headache all day and Jess was crying because she has been changing knickers twice a day lately but not putting them in the wash! Therefore her favourite ones were not cleaned and the ones left in her drawer are apparently too small and uncomfy. So she bawled her eyes out over it. She had to sleep in just a nighty as for some reason none of her PJ bottoms are cleaned either. A drawer full of tops but no bottoms anyone?! Any way they all passed out around 10pm and this leaves me for 3 hours or so down time before I go to bed too :-D I love Fridays. Oooh it's Friday night that means it's time for gogglebox! Totally love that Friday night trash!! Any way going to try some catching up again so let's reverse back to ...

Monday 22nd February:

Today was a very exciting day! I had a delivery of garden goods from Wilko - sorry still Wilkinson's to me! Like Starburst are still Opal fruits!! Here ... Have a nosey at my goods! 3 boxes on the doorstep!

Some rare plants growing in these flower pots!! They look like Bill and Ben the flower pot men LOL! I used these pots last year to grow sweetcorn and cucumber in and they worked so well I thought I would get some more. I honestly never thought I would move to container growing. I was brought up as a gardeners daughter - and farmers grand daughter and have been taught the traditional methods of growing in the ground. But its too much hard work. Digging up, growing stuff, having it not come up or getting eaten before it does! Gah! I did miss it to a degree this year. I loved digging and prepping the land every year - good exercise too! But the main reason I have changed over is because of the weeds, Dunno what I'm going to grow in these tubs yet - probably carrots and/brocalli. The pots are 50cm across so quite massive!!! I have fat balls for the birds, 2 tarpulins for the garden as we plan to do more work they will be used, Rocket early potatoes and Maris Piper main crop potatoes and some potato food. And then in another box some seed compost which I was impressed with last year as it was so soft and without all the coconut fibrey bits in it. Still don't know what I am doing with the garden this year when we plan to change things round. I am quite scared at the amount we want to do. I often have to half kill hubby to get him out there so I'm dubious about how much we will be able to get done - We shall see ..!! Usually by now I have a concrete plan on paper. Apart from changing stuff around I have nothing! The reason for changing it so drastically is for putting a shed up the top. Right now all our garden stuff is in the garage which is a room built into our house. We need this room for living space in our house and a garage conversion and extension on the house so it needs doing at some point. I am sad to have to loose some garden to a shed but needs must!

Tuesday 23rd February:

Overnight Sophie was up. She woke me around 530/600am. I know some peoples kids are well up by now but she's lazy like her mother and will sleep til late lol. I can't really remember what was wrong with her now! Something along the lines of a headache/legs hurt or something like that. Managed to drug her up and put her back into bed but with hubby in the big bed. She went back to sleep and my motto in our house is "so long as your asleep I don't care where you sleep!". Unfortunately her crying woke Jessica up! She wanted to sleep with me so I was on the sofa and she camped on the living room floor on an old cot mattress we still have. Managed to get another couple of hours in so happy days! I came up after Jess woke and hubby was up and about. Sophie was still asleep but woke just as I took the picture!

Jessica's school English ... Goodness knows what was spilt on it lol

Today was the last day I could be bothered to dish out home school work from me. I normally gave them school zooms and added some extra on top to try and cover all bases like times tables, spellings, key words etc. But I'm dead beat. I'm fed up. they don't wanna work. And quite frankly I have no fight left! 

Sophie pulled out the toot toot train set at the end of the day. Gaaah! This hadn't been played with for ages and now she is going for it again. In all fairness this is what I planned for it to stay out this winter in case it gets played with and then sell it. Once she is 6 and starts a growth spurt into a bit more of an older child she won't go for it any more. Why do these nice set up of toys always have to be at the bottom of the stairs and in the main walk way?!

Wednesday 24th February:

A busy playing day. Sophie showed up her feralness by slobbing on the floor with a fork?! and her ipad in a very uncomfy looking position ...

Toot toot got explanded a little further ...

The girls played semi nicely for about 10 minutes with lego. Before the usual fight of that's my doll, no that's my doll, I had it first broke out!! Jess stormed off in a strop and that was the end of that!

Bed time and Jess created a new game. A kind of assault course. This includes stepping on the dots - yes top of the stairs ARGH! Stepping on lego and hairbrushes?! Practicing for becoming a parent clearly ... and stepping stone pillows. Why do they always play nicely bang on bedtime?!

Thursday 25th February:

Sophie builds a girl band lego set and shows it to me.

And in the evening we sit on the sofa and watch Shrek together. Seems we need some snacks to watch a film too as my kids have taken to eating toe nails ... Lovely!

Friday 26th February:

Jessica's English from her zoom meeting to send to her teacher. She doesn't like English so put no effort in to make it neat to read!

In the afternoon mummy went for her Oxford Astra Zeneca Covid Vaccine. It was well organised. Had to have my temperature taken on the way in. Register at a desk - similar to what you do at a GP surgery. Join a queue to wait my turn to be vaccinated then get stabbed. As I was not driving home I could just leave straight away. But if you were driving you had to sit in the waiting area with a 12 minute timer above your head and a sick bowl next to you! Which I found somewhat scary lol! I had the vaccine at 3:30pm and exactly 8 hours later I started feeling really tired and a bit off. 20 minutes later the chills started ... I will put the rest of this into a new post though as it's a bit long!

Right it's getting late and I want to watch some TV before bed so i'll finish here and do the weekend on a different post in a few days time.

Sleep well/Good morning all! Keep looking up to the skies! Lots of signs of Spring everywhere! Lots of love from The Mad House! Xx

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