Wednesday, 3 March 2021

I finally started Crochet!

Yes! This was the weekend I finally get round to starting to learn how to crochet! I have a skeleton amount of knowledge from when my mum tried to teach me as a kid. But I got somewhat frustrated and gave up!I wasn't a crocheter but was a knitter by nature and have been since I was 4 years old. Not that I would say I am much good at it mind - refers back to doggy project here ...!!!

Any way before we get onto that lets pick up where we last left off ...

Saturday 13th February:

Well what can I say? Another day of hardcore cleaning trying to get rid of the threadworms that have blighted us. I can't even remember what else we did and nothing in google photos so whatever it was - It were run of the mill! I remember being annoyed for a few weekends that I wanted to get into Jessica's room and work more on the moving around project. But it's more important that one gets on with threadworm gate and gets them out the way.

Sunday 14th February:

Well today is love day. Grim weather. Dark, dank and depressing! Roll on Spring - Only 2 weeks to wait. I got up late and had some more soup in my bowl for lunch.           

Today is a day for rest and self care. Self love! I did some shopping on Amazon and treated myself to a new book called The Northern Lights Lodge by Julie Caplin. Now this is a better read the one I read before! It really gets to the point within 2 chapters! It has some good descriptions of snow, scenery and cosy set ups at the lodge.  Here is Amazons write up on it: "With a shattered heart and her career completely in tatters, Lucy needs to get away from her life in the UK. But, when she takes a job as hotel manager of the Northern Lights Lodge, she doesn’t quite expect to find herself in a land of bubbling hot springs and snowflake-dusted glaciers – and in the company of gorgeous Scottish barman, Alex.

Determined to turn her life around, Lucy sets about making the lodge the number one romantic destination in Iceland – even though romance is the last thing she wants. However, as Alex and Lucy grow closer under the dancing lights of the aurora, Lucy might just learn how to fall in love again…"

I am about half way through and not yet finished but I still recommend it as it's such a cosy read! There are no pictures though as it is a novel. If you fancy checking it out the link to it is here: .

I also treated myself to some candles. Now these are battery operated with a flickering flame and abso-ruddy-lootly brilliant! There are 3 sizes. So I have 2 perched on the pillars of the stairs and one in our bedroom on the desk. Now the really cool thing about these is that they come with a remote. You can choose how long they stay on for, whether the flame flickers or not, whether the light flickers or not, and you can choose to leave the switch on. If it's set to on they go off after X amount of time automatically and as a result will turn on automatically at that time the next day! That scared me to death when they first did that as I didn't turn them on and they just appeared on lol! But sooo cool!! The other neat thing is they are real wax so have the real feel to them. I really highly recommend these and might even get some more in future tbh! Good for kids bedrooms as totally safe. Here is a link if you want a peep at these too: - Yes the below does have a plastic cover round it I hadn't taken it off yet lol!

As the day was so dreary and depressing out I fancied getting out the house. So I took Sophie along with me for a little date with mummy. We walked to mini Tesco's and chose some chocolate for the family. We also got some daffodils - which I am very disappointed with this time as not a single one opened! 

Once we got home I settled down with my crochet upstairs. Everyone else had gone down on the switch on the TV so I made use of the silence. Relaxing music on TV and YouTube tutorial on crochet. I managed to do a few rows of very baggy casting on. I also kept losing stitches somehow as I was going up the rows. So I took to my crochet book to find out and it appears I wasn't doing the slip stitch at the end correctly. So sorted in the end! 

After I had been upstairs for 20 minutes or so Sophie appeared. It seems she had been card making and brought me a Valentine's card! It even came in a little blue made envelope.

At bedtime she was very upset I hadn't made her a valentines card! She asked me for 2 nights after every night where her card is! I still have mummy guilt over it now ...!!

Then after we had had tea we all played on the Switch for an hour and a half. Mini games and things. Quite fun quality family time. Made the kids a little late for bed but meh! We're making memories! :-)

So just a quick update today of that weekend. Still not much going on. I very much feel like a stuck record! But this is life in lockdown isn't it!? Nothing exciting just the same old, same old! Right time for me to get off and spend some down time before bed. Keep looking up! And take care - Be safe! And get your vaccine when it's time! Chin up all - Lots of love from The Mad House! Xx

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