Saturday, 6 March 2021

My most boring blog post yet?!

This will be possibly my most boring blog post ever! Not much has happened! Although for someone who says that I always seem to be able to drag some load of tosh together lol.

So we'll start back on Monday 15th February:

I've given up with daily school reports mostly now. We are just doing the same thing and there is no variety going on. I have pretty much given up with making work for them from home as it was just a nightmare to get them to do anything. I just don't have the mental energy to fight them anymore. School is just around the corner and I am dead beat. I'm mostly giving real school work - Maths and English and trying to get daily times tables, keywords and spellings into them. 

I only have 3 photos of today. A random one of me - not sure why I took this? One of Sophie crawling under the V shaped washing airer and one of Jess evading sleep! 

The washing airer was on our bed ready to empty and put away. Sophie climbed under it making it a house. Doesn't that cheeky face look cute?!

The past 2 weeks Jess has started some kinda sleep regression thing that is mad. She is in full swing pre-puberty. The hormones and brain changes are going wild. As does she! She has a right temper, very mouthy and back chatty and cries or takes offence at things so easily. This is making bedtime extremely hard as if we as much as fall out over something she cries like someone has died and starts a torrent of self negative abuse on herself. I have to tread very carefully which is the hardest thing on the earth when this is the time of day when I am tired and most impatient myself. I then end up having to keep going in and saying sorry -- holding her on my lap like a 2 year old rocking her again and climbing into bed next to her to cuddle. I am having to teach her how to talk back to all the negative talk (One positive to having had CBT in the past I guess ...!) and try and build her up again. There is nothing more heart breaking than hearing how much no one likes her, how she doesn't deserve to live or to have her lambie comforter, how she only deserves to sleep on the floor, how she is a big fat poo and how we should throw her in the dustbin! Man this parenting malarky has taken a whole new turn I tell ya. I feel a new parent all over again and I am now having to relearn how to parent a tween! Thankfully this is only worst at night and not an all day thing. Although we do hear negative self talk during the day at times too. I am wondering if it is because she is so over tired. She's always gone off on a negative spiral anyway when over tired, or coronavirus anxiety with going back to school?, maybe it is this tween stage? Or maybe it is something more that I need to be watching. Any way the picture above is about the time all this started up. She kept coming out her room (and still does every night) saying she loves me and wants to be with me, can't sleep without me, and wants to be next to me. She was pretending at trying to be sleep here! Ironically enough now that she is being a pain at bedtime Sophie is going down perfectly every night!! Damn typical!! I very, very rarely have a night where everyone goes down on time perfectly. Ha! Jess has also been without her sucky comforter for a month now!! We stopped it when we got the threadworms. Hubby felt strongly she was getting them from suckies if dropping them on the floor around the house and reinfecting herself. I know that isn't the case though as they are washed daily and the floor is hoovered like mad when the worms are in the house. They are just pillow cases and we have many of them on back up. It's kinda bitter sweet. Nice not to have to wash them all the time and find them all over the house but also well sad as she has had them since she was 8 months old!! We used to cosleep from when she was 7 weeks old until around this time. She used to pull down the corner of my pillowcase into her mouth and suck on it and that's how she took to a pillow case becoming a sucky comforter! Thankfully there hasn't been too much resistance to its removal. It has been asked for a good few times but not for the past week and i'm not going to mention it either lol.

Here she is with it at 8/9 months old - the first picture we have and then the last picture I have from in January this year.

Once Jess had finally settled I finished up this Monday by writing to this blog.

Tuesday 16th February:

Today Sophie decided it was her baby dolls bath day. All well and good. This soon turned into a spa where mummy had to go to have her fringe washed though! After this Sophie decided to do some self treatment and raid her big sisters wardrobe so that she could put some "lip stick" on! So grown up lol! Look at her on tippy toes to see in the mirror LOL

At bed time Sophie decided to take the whole world to bed with her. No pillow space for her I see LOL! Jess however decided that the bed wasn't even good enough for her again!! So took to the floor on an old cot mattress we have! 

Wednesday 17th February:

Nothing happened of note today. The only picture I have is of Sophie setting up a hand washing station.The hand wash ran out so she filled it with some water to use as her own hand wash. Placed it on a toy ironing board and brought in a sauce pan of water to wash them in! With some kitchen roll to dry your hands. Well thought out kiddo!

Oh apparently I also wrote to the blog today too :-)

Thursday 18th February:

Today we had some big rain showers. Leading to some pretty clouds. (Yea i'm really digging the barrel for news here. So default to the English method of talking about the weather LOL!)

Friday 19th February:

Sophie decorated my face. Apparently i'm a cat ... 

At bedtime mummy introduced some quiet colouring in our room with relaxing music on the fire stick. Some attempt to see if once chilled the kids would sleep. Needless to say I still failed. But here's our art work. Sophie wants to sell hers for £50 ... Wishful thinking there love!

So there we go! One of my more boring blog updates as I was scrapping around for odd things that have happened. But all same old, same old - pretty much as I have been repeating saying over and over!
Managed to get in the garden for half hour today so that will come in a later update. 1 day to go til kids go back! Eeek! So excited and scared all in one. Going to be hell trying to get them up but will be good to get back into a routine as well as speaking to real humans again! Right i'm off to watch some gogglebox on tv. I love that trash LOL! Then sleepies. Trying to pull my bedtime in a bit earlier too. Not very successful but not seeing 2:30am anymore so thats one positive! Until next time keep looking up! Positive thoughts everyone we can and are doing this! Lots of love from The Mad House Xx

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