Saturday, 6 November 2021

A Quiet Weekend

So after our week away it was a bit of a quiet weekend. I obviously both wanted and had to go in the garden. Both for different reasons! I wanted to go out and do some gardening but had to go out to clean the chickens! The inevitable happened and no one cleans, feeds or waters them but me. One of the reasons I was more hesitant about getting them in the first place. The only thing that persuaded me was that we have no pets and the girls were so desperate for them. I would have much preferred a hamster - although there is no where in the house to put one! Especially as they are noisy at night! Any way enough moans and onto a small weekend update ...

Saturday 4th September:

Whilst I was cleaning the girls out I let them roam free and enjoy the flower borders and grass. Good little lawn mowers they are. Peachy the brown one comes running to you if you start digging in the dirt. She then sits on the fork and digs around it so you can't move lol

After I was done with the chickens I went up the veggie patch to do some Autumn preparations for end of season. The raspberries long the back fence need to come down. Both I am fed up of no one eating them and we will be having a new fence put up in Spring so I need to prep for that work too. So I start cutting and digging them out.

Before I come in I have a little look around and spot this little cucumber at the ready to bring in. I need to peel these before eating though as the skins are very hard for some reason this year.

When away last week I brought this cute oil burner from Moors Valley. I'll show you it unboxed tomorrow as it's bed time now.

Sunday 5th September:

So here it is the unboxed new oil burner! I totally fell in love with it so had to have it. Not a bad price either!

After opening my box - all very exciting! - I went out to do some more raspberry digging. Trying to get the roots up!

The ones against the neighbours fence are happy so I just cut out the old wood from this year to leave new growth,

Sweetcorn is looking good and even ready with the chocolate brown tassels

And what happened to my Strawberries I planted before we went away!! They are dead! ARGH!!

Potatoes - I need to dig these up. I am very, very late ...!

Gutted about this too. My neighbour gave some seedlings from a plant that I wanted in the garden - Honesty - and that also died when we were away!

The Tomatoes never did anything useful. A complete flop this year with the blight.

The cucumber seems to have taken over!!!

Baby cuck

Courgette is still going! So I picked it

Still need to pick some Carrots! I keep forgetting to tell hubby to not buy any more. Ooops!

I did rubbish at picking the brocalli! It's all gone to flower! It's a small plant too last time I planted it it was massive. My guess is the pot is too small. Will plant one elsewhere next year.

When I was all done and walked down the garden to go indoors I saw Sophie giving the chickens water from a bowl lol. Cute!

And here rounds up another update. All is ok this end. In current times I am finding myself start to feel stressed as Christmas draws near. There is always sooo much pressure to have things perfect and to make things how other people want. On the plus side I get to stay up late on Christmas eve and finalise things like the table to my liking :-D That's always a highlight. Me, Classic FM and silence - Aaah! It's a really relaxing headspace to be in. I'm fretting over what to put in Jessica's stocking this year as she really wasn't going for the toys and tatt last year in her stocking. Life gets more complicating as kids grow up! Right that's enough worrying for one day. Next weekend will see me starting to write Christmas present lists! A little at a time and we'll get there. Thing i'm going to tone everything down this year as I just can't be bothered! Right I need to close this as whilst I am writing about Christmas we are about to go out to a bonfire night fireworks display in half hour lol! Time to go and get ready! Lots of love to all! Keep looking up to the skies - Especially tonight haha! Love The Mad House Xx

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