Tuesday, 9 November 2021

A visit to the Jessica museum and a sweetcorn fight

Hello Hello Hellooooo! Welcome to another entry of madness from the Mad House! All is well here. We are well back into the school routine and enjoying this lovely weather September is throwing us! So here we go with the first week back at school update! 

Monday 6th September:

Today see's the kids going back to school. The summer holidays went quick. always do one you hit halfway point! So we now have Jessica in Year 5! ARGH! Only 1 year left after this one. And Sophie in Year 2! ARGH Her last year in Infants! Another end of an era! Each end of an era hits hard and not having a child in infants is going to be VERY strange to say the least! We have had a child in infants for the past 5 years or so. It feels even weirder with Covid as Sophie hasn't completed a full school year yet! Reception was lockdown from March. Year 1 was lockdown from Christmas and that was that!

Right on to today. Today I was laying on the sunbed as you do and I heard a noise under the upside down paddling pool. So I thought I knew what it was and indeed this video confirms it ... Out she comes LOL!!: https://photos.app.goo.gl/FxjkHDB1SfoMZsMa9

After tea we have this no i-pad rule. So screens go off and the kids are made to play. Well today Jessica took it upon herself to create a museum. Here it is! The chair area is reception where you need to register in and she ticks you off the list.

The first item is an ancient book. Made from cow skin parchment and written from squids ink. From 1123BC!

The next item on display is an ancient duster from 896BC! It's bristles are made from pink unicorn hair.

Next up: Ancient Orzilia. From 362 an ancient rare spice for cooking.

Ancient highlighter from 193 made from plants

Ancient diamond sword made from hand made diamonds from 0000

Next up is the Temple of Oranges. (couldn't find oranges so used apples LOL!) From 326BC

Ancient butterfly from the 15th Century. A moss butterfly that camouflage in the moss. 

Ancient pen from the late 17th century made of very old silver

So there you have it! A tour around Jessica's museum! Very creative I must say!

Tuesday 7th September:

Today the children rushed home and straight into the garden to let the chickens out. Their first stop was straight into one of my plant pots!

Now we let the chickens loose all over the place for free ranging now. Their wings have been clipped and I don't want them going up to the veggie patch so we brought some fencing to block off the top part of the garden. We have just shoved it across in a line along the pond whilst we think about what to do on a more permanent basis.

I had a little lie down on the sunbed again and was soon surrounded by visitors. This weather has suddenly gone all nice now it's September. Just like i've been saying for months!

I get up to go and get something and come back to find someone else has stolen my bed! Ah well ... Off to do housework it is then!

Wednesday 8th September:

Every day when doing school run I spot this really nice red plant display. I keep meaning to take a picture so on the way back from morning school run I stop to take a piccie for you all. Doesn't it look nice! Had to zoom in as I didn't want to go over someone's grass!

We appear to be getting quite the collection of eggs on the kitchen side. So I think it's time to start selling some! Mummy takes to the local Whatsapp group and has 5-6 people all who want to buy our eggs! At £1 a box of 6 I think that's a good deal! Later mummy finds out that actually the going rate for fresh eggs is nearer to £1-50 a box! Oops!

It has been nice and sunny today with a pretty sky. Took this before afternoon school run.

But after the sky changes and in rolls a shower

This caused great panic among the children who think that the chickens should be kept dry. They rush out with a brolly and some flannels to cover them as coats ... See in this video!: https://photos.app.goo.gl/mPRud2VYmf1KvFay6

Once the rain was over it left this weird orange eerie sky. I know it's just the angle of the sun going down but always looks weird. Hard to tell on this photo though it just looks out of colour and focus lol

And mummy ends the day with a spot of laundry folding. Delightful!

Thursday 9th September:

LOOK! Look at all these sweetcorn I grew in the garden! Some are good and useful. Some are just small and not worth having. So the chickens got some freebies. The chickens totally love sweetcorn! Here's a couple of videos of chickens attacking the sweetcorn! Peachy: https://photos.app.goo.gl/zqQySdzCamcMzoUR9
And all of them fighting for it! : https://photos.app.goo.gl/ckVRaotBBKzX4tbw8

At bedtime I went up to say night night to the girls in their coop and check all 3 were there as they put themselves to bed. Here they are - all comfy and snug on their roosts: https://photos.app.goo.gl/c5iQTk9u4dogn2fX8

And at bed time Sophie decided to set up a school on the landing outside her bedroom door. Pens, books, toys and a mat. As you do! 

Friday 10th September:

Only one picture today for you all. A fairly standard day. And I had some visitors ... My little nosey parkers! Totally at home they are!

So here rounds up yet another update. It's been a good first week back. Nice to get some routine once again. Although I never say that when the alarm goes off every morning - ha! I am NOT a morning person! All is well here and we have just enjoyed firework night. We got lucky to go to a display at a school and catch the display from town on our way home. So we parked up quick and jumped out to view that one too. Got lucky there! Feeling tired now and it's just gone midnight so time to log off and go to sleepybies. Lots of love to all ~ Keep looking up! Enjoy the stars or the pretty clouds depending on your time of day!! Love The Mad House Xx

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