Wednesday, 3 November 2021

The holiday continues ~ Part 2

Ok I'm all caught up on my nice little stash of posts I had stored up for posting! Now I have to write as I go again! I started this one so need to finish it. Feels weird posting about a holiday when i'm about to take another holiday albeit a mini weekend one. I've been back at least 4 times to this post to try and finish it. Thing is i've been going to bed earlier which basically means that I have been missing out on me time. Quality me time to do this and other stuff. Can't say it's particularly helped either as I still take naps after school run in the morning to catch up on sleep. It seems no matter how much sleep I have I still need more. I've always needed lots of sleep so this is nothing new. Just a pain when you have kids! Lack of sleep and needing lots plus kids don't mix! Right lets get to it so I get this thing posted at some point soon! ...

Thursday 2nd September: 

Today is a very exciting day for mummy as it is the Bournemouth air show and she has looked forward to this for weeeeeks!! The red arrows will be there and mummy really wants to see them!
We set off around lunchtime to drive to Bournemouth and park in the park and ride. It's a cloudy day but the kids wear shorts any way despite mummy saying they will get cold! We arrive on the park and ride bus and walk down the road to the cliff top. We eventually find the path down the cliff and walk all the way down. Sophie finds a giant chair for a sit and a photo.

Once down we quickly (as quickly as you can in a long queue) brought lunch and sat on the beach for the show.

Once we are sat eating the red arrows go over and here is a video of them:
And a couple more! :

After we ate out chips the small freezing cold people tucked into icecream!

We literally only saw the one showing then people wanted to go as they were too cold. I was pretty gutted but must admit I was also cold. Despite taking my coat as I knew it would be! So we wandered back up the cliff slowly. Saw another showing from half way up and then another at the top. Also saw these little goats along the top too lol

There were lots of stalls and little stands to stop and look at and tatt things to buy

Half way down all the stands we were buying stuff from the RAF stall when a massive noise came out of no where. The men on the stall ushered us behind the stall to the fence and told us there is no way on the planet we could miss this show. And boy were they right! I now have a new favourite plane to rival the Beluga! Meet the RAF Tornado. Gotta love the sound on that! It made your stomach churn and rumble deep inside. Amazing experience as it ripped through the sky like fork lightning on a dark night!
Heres a couple of vids:

I am just totally, totally gutted we weren't on the beach to see it as I bet that was amazing! We SHALL return!!! One of my friends took some pictures as she was there too although not near us. You know who you are! Thank you Mrs X Here they are:

And for those you now wondering what the hell a Beluga plane is. Look at this beauty. It's an airbus make that's used to fly plane parts and other massive items around the world. How the thing even flies is beyond me tbh!

Mummy brought an ice cream on the way out from this stand and sat on the grass to eat it before we caught the bus back.

Once we had got home the kids wanted to go swimming again. Mummy was too tired so stayed put. But used this opportunity to grab some stills of the inside of our accomodation. I took some piccies of the little ornaments around as I really think they are quite sweet! And yes we are messy people lol 

Friday 3rd September: 

Today is the last day of the holiday and the sun is meant to return so we plan another beach day. Jessica loves the swimming pool so we plan that in for the morning and then the beach in the afternoon. We went swimming in the morning and then had lunch at the cafe onsite outside as it was nice and warm.

After lunch Sophie wants a last dip in the arcade so we go in. She manages to collect lots of tickets. When you put them in a machine it does a realistic burp then pops out a receipt for you to collect your winnings. (sweets in this case!) Video of machine here:

After getting back we got our bags ready quickly then walked down the cliff to the beach.

Sophie met a little friend on the beach. Was interesting listening to her talking in her big girl voice to this girl who must have been around 2/3. Usually Sophie is the baby so was funny to see the tables turned.

Then once we dragged the girls away from their friends we walked back up the cliff through the woodland walk

We had tea and then went to drive to Bournemouth for their fireworks night. It was good and a nice fitting end to our holiday to end on a high. A little disappointed the display was only 10 minutes but was still good for a freebie! Getting out of Bournemouth was heaving though! Think it was 1045pm before we could get out so we were very late back to the lodge and getting kids in bed!

Right i'm going to end this update here. I was going to tack a weekend update on but it's taking me forever to get this out so just going to go for it! Hope everyone is well! Or as well as can be and avoiding the Rona! We are doing really well so far for diseases. Kids have had a couple of minor sniffles/colds but nothing full on yet! Right off to sleep now as it's midnight! Lots of love to all ~ Love The Mad House Xx

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