Wednesday, 24 November 2021

Camera robber! And more tidying for Winter

Hello and welcome to another round up of Autumn action in the Mad House household! I'm going to dive right on in ...

Saturday 25th September:

Well despite this being the month that keeps giving the weather has turned now. Today is cloudy and showery. I get up and do my usual chicken cleaning. And then take a wander around the garden to see how things are at. Things are still growing albeit slower now.

I found some photos on my camera I never took! So looks like Sophie had had my phone and went picturing the chickens ...!

Sophie wanted to escape the rain so went in the run with her brolly. Yes I also want to see that brolly filled with rain and her opening it onto her head LOL!! Cruel mother ...

I have a quick look around the garden and this is the state of play. This is likely to be my last garden update of the year. To return on March 1st!

Sweetcorn well and truly gone over.

Potatoes still awaiting digging up! A) I keep forgetting and B) No one eats a lot of potatoes except me!

A couple of signs of green from the strawberries that I thought were dead but most of all these have gone. I have some spare potted ones so i'll just transplant them come Spring.

Cucumber is still going! This is where pot luck worked well. I seeded really late band at the end of the season and Autumn has been so warm they have kept going. Lucky, lucky me!

Carrots still ready to be picked. I've had a few. Going by this year they will be good until June. That's when they started going rubbery. So i've plenty of time yet.

Courgette I thought had given up the ghost seems to be putting out another small one!

And the sprouting brocalli is well done.

Sunday 26th September:

I'm in 2 minds! I'm ready for my winter hibernate and the slowing down of weekends. But the weather is a bit better today and the sun comes out again! So I immediately want to get out and do stuff!
Well the front garden has long been neglected and the bush is HUGE so must cut that I guess!
Hubby starts the day by sweeping up all the mess that the chickens have deweeded from our borders for us! It was all over the path and the step so it's been swept into one big pile. Only he had a big fail as he swept it to a neat pile then left it. Didn't tidy it into a bag and the chickens were in it and scattered it around again looking for bugs.

Our old hose pipe system was leaking like mad and had holes in various places in the pipe so needed replacing. This is the new one. You are meant to give the pipe a slight tug and it will roll itself right up. Now these things always look better in the adverts. And I can testify to that. It gets to a certain point then stops rolling up. Meh I leave it there I cba to fight with that!

Now to the front garden this is the over grown area. In there there is a flower planter!

Whilst cutting it all down we invite some little friends out to join us. Here is a video of peachy:
We start with Peachy who is sensible and won't run away. Then it kinda goes down hill as hubby wants to bring them all out. So have to have eyes in all directions! 
I bring the hedgehog box out to see if anyone has taken up residence ... but no ... I spend £50 on a posh blinking box and the only thing living in it is spiders and woodlice! Still they made a nice lunch for the chickens ...


I sort out all the winter stuff and put my "shed things" under the blue tarp for winter. I know it's not going to last but meh! At least i'm trying!

In the evening before bed me and the girls settle down for a spot of relaxing colouring

Here endeth another blog update! Things are going well this end. It is hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner. What with the warm (for the time of year!) weather it is somewhat hard to believe that it is winter in 2 weeks. It feels more like Spring really. Very strange! This Autumn has just been so warm that I feel like i've missed out on a whole season. So many leaves are still on the trees too. Nature is behind and I feel behind too! Any way I really must dig my A4 lever arch file out this week and start planning. Need to write my Christmas card list and start writing what I'm buying for presents. Need to actually get in the cupboard of doom too and see what I actually have stashed in there already and for whom! I've ordered school photos tonight. The cut off date for orders is tomorrow so nothing like leaving it to! But that's another job done. Our microwave has given up the ghost. We have been microwave free for about 3 weeks or so now. So need to get a new one of those too at some point. It's quite tiresome to remember to get bread out to defrost over night for sandwiches! Another mental load of remembering I have to do! All I want to do is hibernate like a hedgehog lol! 

Any way on that note ... I'm off to temporarily hibernate under the duvet!! Lots of love to all. Keep looking to the skies. Lots of pretty, clear, sparkling stars out there tonight! Love The Mad House Xx

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