Wednesday, 17 November 2021

Wearing swimming goggles with a mask!? What on earth??!

Here we are again then! I'm kinda running out of ways to greet you all on blog posts that aren't too boring! But nonetheless here we are. I've literally just been looking at the clock on my laptop to see what the time is. And I was somewhat distracted by the calendar and realising we are practically mid November and I really need to get my skates on with Christmas stuff! With crimbo at our house this year I need to be somewhat more organised than my usual! I don't even know what I want. I only had my birthday a matter of weeks ago! I have no idea what to buy the kids this year as they have everything! Jess showed no interest in toys last year so I think that door is closed. If you have any ideas on what to buy a 9 year old do let me know!! Or what to put in a stocking for her ... Right on to the update this is quite short as it was a weird weekend without much motivation to do anything.

Saturday 18th September:

Well the weekend is here again and it's a bit of a slow start. I'm feeling lazy and can't be bothered to do anything. We all get those days right!? I think I was sat in bed researching something to do with the chickens but can't for the life of me remember what it was now! I think I feel a bit out of sorts too because I actually want to go in the garden and do stuff but it's end of season so there is nothing to do! Any way whilst I am mulling - over whatever it was and trying to get my butt out of bed and off my laptop - Jess was some what preoccupied! She wanted my jewellery box down off the tip of my wardrobe. It has been here since she was about 2 and could reach it. I think now she is 9 it is safe to take down for a look through. I may be mistaken - ha! Any way I got it down and she masked and goggled up to deal with the dust LOL!!! 

Next it was the turn of my make up bag. Now make up is something I would love to wear. But I am just too damn lazy to put it on! Plus I never go any where to wear it so what's the point?! So any way it's old and been in this bag since in 1990 something lol! So it's now child's play! Sophie is the model!

After all of this I eventually dragged myself out my pit and got dressed. Time to clean the chickens as per. I then made some lunch and sat on my sunbed once again. The sun is so low in the sky late afternoon now that there is barely any point though, Again I was cold and not that comfy so I wasn't there long before I got up and went indoors feeling fed up! I miss summer!

I wander the garden looking for outdoorsy things to do when I spot this chair. I had forgotten how it had got green from being under a tree all summer. It's not in any way new - quite the opposite! - So I don't want to throw it but try and revive it. I take it up the gravel are at the top of the garden where the chickens can't get to and drown it in neat bleach. I leave it for a long time then hose pipe it off. It actually came up very well!! All white again and no loss of colour on the green. I'm mega impressed! I for some reason didn't take a picture of the afters though ... Doh!

Again I look for things to do and move this plant trug (or get hubby too as it's too heavy!) into the chicken enclosure. This gives them something to climb in and dig around at. I will attempt to plant it with chicken loving things next year. Dunno what yet!!

Hubby cut a hole in the back of the chicken run. This is to fit a small gate. So the chickens can have direct access into the enclosure from the run. We can leave this open so they can go in and out.

We emptied this beach hut of most of the children's garden toys. They are now dumped in the play house. Hubby took the door off to create a ramp for the chickens to go into. Genius idea! 

Sunday 19th September:

Here is a video of one of the chickens using said ramp from yesterday with the aid of corn! This is peckers:

Sunday today is a quiet day. I feel somewhat lost. I want to go in the garden again as the weather is nice but nothing to do. I don't feel like doing anything indoors. So have a day where I wander aimlessly and move myself from place to place unsettled. I often feel unsettled with the change in seasons. More so this end of the year as I suffer from SAD. 

Today the children dig a hole in the chicken enclosure and put a pyrex dish in and fill it with water. I don't want a pyrex dish in the garden but I also want the kids to engage in creative play. It isn't causing any issues so I vow to leave it a few days and when they get fed up of filling it for the chickens I will remove it!

I end the day by writing a blog post.

Another blog post down! Slowly catching up! Got lucky to finish this actually as Sophie was evading sleep tonight. She was up until 11pm! It's now midnight so i've been able to pull this together in 30-45 minutes before bed. After my usual cheeky facebook catch up! And my Netweather forum. I have been part of the Netweather forum since 2004! Which is madness! Funny how some pages just keep your interest on the internet! Some are just for a season and you leave never to return and others you still stay on! Right as it's the middle of the night it's time for me to be good and go to bed! 7:30 will soon be here! Keep looking up! Lots of love to all! Love The Mad House Xx

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