Sunday, 14 November 2021

The Beauty of September!

Hi Again! This review ended up being a very quiet week. I did bad at taking any photos. This was a really standard week of school runs, naps and house work! The pandemic has really changed me in that I am still taking a day nap. I got so used to having loads of sleep over all with lie in's that my body just can't go back to it's sleep deprived ways any more! I can do one day of no nap and then the next day I just feel so tired I go back to bed after breakie! So it's school run, sit on laptop with tele and breakie til 10 then back to bed for a couple of hours. Which kinda makes sense as I head to bed around midnight and don't usually drop off til around 1am. So I get 1 - 730 which is 6 1/2 hours. Then back to bed later for a couple more pulls me up to a normal person range of 8 1/2 hours. I know I should go earlier in the evening around 11 even but then I would be missing out on precious me time. I need this down time mentally to revive myself. The kids are often awake around 10pm - they are asleep by 930 on a good day but never before then. Especially as Jess is older now and needs less sleep. So I can't do with just 10-11pm - 1 hour to myself - not enough. As it is 2 hours goes too quickly! Any way on to this weeks update. It's a really boring one - sorry about that! Lack of photos and lack of things happening!

Monday 13th September:

Here we go into week 2 of the term. Most exciting thing that happened today was Sophie wanting to go to the park after school. So we came in and had snacks and then went off. Jess didn't want to go.

Tuesday 14th September:

Nothing of note happened today!

You know what I keep thinking. That I need to decorate for Autumn soon. I usually do it around the end of this month. Thing is the weather is sooo good it's been summer like! Despite the sun lower in the sky and less strong. It is still sunny and dry. It's been lovely. So whilst it is summery I don't even feel like putting up little lights and things! We shall see how long this lasts! ...

Wednesday 15th September:

Most exciting thing that happened today ... Mummy tidied the living room. Look at all that junk to go up! Does anyone else's stairs end up looking like this too?! It's never ending! Either the bottom full of junk to go up. Or the top full of junk to go down! LOL

Thursday 16th September:

Today was a classic September day. Woke up to fog! Haven't had one of these days in ages!
I dropped the kids off on school run and then indulged in some pretty flower photography on the way home. As the seasons are running late this year so much is still in flower. 

I love how gorgeous the roses are in this garden! They just appear round this hedge as you walk on by. There is a naughty part of me that just wants to go out in the middle of the night and take some cuttings! But I won't lol

I like this little purple plant. No idea what it is but it's cute. Camera does a rubbish job of photo-ing it!

Fushia! Mine is still in flower too. Mine is the classic purple and pink which I love.

Snap dragon! I keep meaning to get some of this for my garden. Although not sure I can now with chickens they would just dig it all up!

As I walk by the park I see some spider webs. The fog does a good job of showing them.

Skip to the end of the day! And we decide on chippy for tea. So here are a couple of pics of the sunset as we wait for our tea. Sooo pretty! Sun set one side and moon rise the other!

Friday 17th September:

On the way home from school run I snapped this pretty sky the planes have made. 

And again the other end of the day. After we came home from school run I took to the sunbed. The sun was going down and I was just craving some last minute sun. It was cold though so I went out in my coat and sat on my bed. Took my magazine. But I wasn't there long. I was both too uncomfortable and harassed to do things for children so gave up quickly!!

Sorry this update has been sooo boring. I guess some weeks in life are just like that! To current times and I have had both kids home the past week. Jessica for 2 days Thurs and Fri because she woke up with a big cough one morning so we had her covid tested then she had to stay off whilst awaiting results.  She was negative and it was just a cold as suspected. And just as she went back Monday morning Sophie was sick everywhere just as we were getting ready for school so that was her off! She returns tomorrow! (Wed 10th) Well I say everywhere but I have learned many years ago that complaints of a tummy ache are not to be taken lightly and therefore a sick bowl was at the ready!!

Right that's me done. I'm going to start writing the next entry ready and then head off to beddy byes! I'll be glad when i'm all caught up on these posts as I never get time to do anything else anymore. But I like blogging too so it's a catch 22! It'll be ages yet i'm so behind but we shall see! Right sleep well/good morning/afternoon where ever you are! Keep looking up! Lots of Love from The Mad House Xx

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