Friday, 12 November 2021

Tidy up for winter time and new fencing gets installed

Welcome back one and all! Here is another update from September. As Autumn is now here it's time for changes!

Saturday 11th September:

Well we are well into the realms of Autumn now. So garden prep takes place. Tidying up for winter. This involves bringing in all the kids tatt and toys. There are sooo many plastic plates, bowls, spoons, knives etc out there! They had used them for cutting and playing with chalks over summer. 

Today is also our wedding anniversary. How many years I hear you ask ... Well 2009 so that's ... 12! Man how has it been THAT long! And together another 7 years before that! So next year will be our  20th year of being together! We gave each other cards and he brought the annual chocolates that we both end up sharing and I brought him a chicken t-shirt lol! I actually got him a really nice wood card. I was browsing Amazon who I buy everything from and just fell in love with it. Here it is:

I start off the day by cleaning out the chickens which is my Saturday job (unless it's raining!)

Whilst I'm going this hubby starts off digging out the washing line. It is moving up the garden more ... We are using that whole bottom left of the garden to now be a chicken enclosure. We have brought some black fencing with a gate built into it from Omlet. This means they will have more space than their run alone. With the added benefit of being able to move around the fencing in the future should we need. Here is a video of the chickens getting in on the digging action!:

A bit later we distract the chickens with corn and as usual this goes down well!

The front of the fencing needs to come right up to the run to enclose that whole bit.

Whilst hubby attacks all this I go up the garden to tidy up the veggie patch in preparation for the landscapers to come in March to do our new path, fence and shedbase. There was a potato plant that randomly sprouted up up there so I dug all the potatoes up. Took peachy up with me to dig for worms! No picture of her in action though we were too busy lol. 

Here's the rest of the fence up the top of the enclosure. The only place we can now put a washing line is right on the edge which will mean I can only use half the line or I will need to go in the enclosure to hang the rest ... Hmm ...We'll see how that plans out in practice when I have clothing for 4 people to hang!!

And here is the little gate. It's lined up next to the back of the coop to make easier access to it.

Sunday 12th September:

Today we were invited to my mums house so that she can look after the children so we can go out for anniversary. Well we are quite boring so all we did was go to Tescos! Hey don't mock it a trip to a food store child free is quite the novelty! He wandered off to do whatever men like to do best in food shops whilst I browsed the home ware section. I was specifically looking for tights for the kids for school but seems they aren't in any where yet as cant' get any in Tescos OR Sainsburies! ARGH! Any way on my travels I saw these gorgeous mugs on clearance. Thing is I wanted every month of the year. Just a few are no used to me! Although once I got home I realised that the flower doesn't tally with the month - I no longer like them as much lol!

Oh I took a photo of the enclosure out Jessica's window. It's quite a large area so hopefully they won't get too bored! We plan to add things to it over time. They love that bush and that flower border and dig in that loads.

I got out to tidy some more stuff for winter and save this little fella I saw hopping around. I'm sure it won't be long until a frog gets near my chickens and becomes dinner!

As the weather is warm I play catch up and wash some coats and put out to dry

Then disinfect and wash out these pots and things that the kids have had out all summer - before the cups go in the dishwasher.

Here's Sophie and peachy - Awww

Here's the view in the enclosure through the fence. Remember this ... Plant border on the left and grass on the right. That grass won't last more than a week!

So here endeth another weekend update. Another busy one! Progress is slow but being made nontheless.

Back to current times and i've just enjoyed a nice relaxing Sunday. A lie in (of sorts kids were sooo noisy today!), a bath (got joined by Sophie!) and then some crafting with Sophie and ended up with some knitting again. I have some relaxing music on as I write this to calm down ready for the new week. 

(You can tell I wrote this last week LOL! It's actually the following Friday that i'm posting this!)

Right I'll close here. My eyes are stinging! Sleep well/Good morning all! Lots of love from The Mad House Xx

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