Saturday, 9 January 2021

Bye Bye Christmas! Hello Soup!

Another day - Another post! This time for the no real point at all lol! I hope you've all had a good day. It's 00:37am and Sophie has just bee put back to bed again! She isn't for sleeping tonight! I've heard every excuse under the sun! From i'm not tired - to - I want a hug - to - my back hurts and i've got a headache. 

Thankfully Jess went down relatively easy around 10ish. Late night as they were playing roblox with one Jessica's friends. Me and hubby were measuring up and planning to put an old wardrobe we have in the garage in Jessica's bedroom. With a view to using one side of it as a toy storage system. Take the doors off and put in the kallax unit! Only problem is now we have decided it we can't action anything because Ikea is closed due to the corona lockdown! ARGH! I also don't know what we would do with the chest of drawers that's in there as I don't want to get rid of them. So apart from planning stuff what else have I don't today.

Well as it happens quite busy! 

Slept til around mid day - when I say slept this involves lots of interruptions from little people - but small mercies and all that! I was catching up on sleep from not sleeping til gone 2 and those early mornings for zoom meetings this week. It's been a stressful one that's for shizz! So I got up - I say got up I went back to bed but in our room with my laptop and bowl of cereal! I then had some coffee - Watched some of big jet TV on you tube whilst sipping my warm nectar and then got up and dressed. 

First job of the day? Put away my empty suitcase from Christmas. I put in my summer clothes and got the old man to shove it under the bed for me. Next job ... feed some hungry kids mid afternoon snack - One requested a crumpet and the other chicken salad wrap. Job done! 

I had a spare chicken breast that I had cooked yesterday so I wanted to make it into a soup. Now I am no good me! I am good at burning, curdling and messing up! So this was the first time I had made any soup at all! I got some stock, olive oil, margarine, cheese and milk for the base. Yes high in fat but us skinny things need it lol. Added paprika and some cinnamon. Oh yes and of course the chicken which was shredded. The veggies was potatoes, peppers, celery, parsnip and carrot. Cooked it all for around 45 minutes and then mashed down with a fork roughly as I like it a bit lumpy. I checked it after 20 mins and added some more water. Then checked again after another 15 but it had boiled off and one had a burnt bottom but I had just saved it before it got that burnt taste to and the second pan was low too. (I made 2 pans one for my lunch and 1 for freezing). I decided to add another stock cube half to each pan with the extra water but upon eating it it was too salty. I didn't want it to watery though which is why I added a bit extra for next time I know to just add the water! So over all it was jolly damn good! Excellent texture how I like it nice and thick and lumpy but also tasted soupy. Just not your thin watery stuff like tomato from a tin lol. It was very warm, hearty and healthy! Here's some piccies! Yes I have a manky hob - You just can't get the staff these days ... Something to do with corona something or other they say ;-)

Next I moved on to sorting some storage boxes on the landing for the loft. 2 full of toys, books and clothes for NCT and 1 Christmas stuff.  

Today we took down Christmas. This is always the most depressing day of the year to see that poor tree go out the house :( Just look at the mess it made!!

However as we have left it later I am ready for it this year. Ready to see the back of the boxes and mess and try and reclaim the house! I still leave a skeleton amount of decorations out that are more suited to winter rather than Christmas alone. I also cut a few branches off of the tree to keep. Do you think they look good? A couple in my lighted up arch corner and some sprigs in my candle bowl with a big fat fir cone! 

I have spent some time online trying to find a wardrobe for Sophie without success. Hence the above about her having Jessica's and Jess having our old one from the garage! I am also ready to get rid of the baby changing table now. I know! I know!! She's 5 years old and still has a baby changing table lol! However ... hear me out ...! It has 2 storage shelves under it with massive baskets and they have been brilliant at tidying up the toys and holding lots. There are 2 of them now on her chest of drawers that have her teddies in too. But needs must. No more babies are coming in this house so I have now reached the moment that I am ready to sell it. Not without some silent tears inside that the baby days are over though! 

Once the kids were finally down I sat on my laptop for some facebook - nearly put racebook then!? Dodgey! LOL! Facebook, BBC, generic website catch up. I have been reading a selling magazine from a shop called Nordic House - Have a look it's very Hygge!!

Just writing this now to candles and some Enya on youtube on the TV. Look at the mess this leaking candle has made! :-o That'll teach me to use a plate! 

Right I'm off to settle and read some Nigel Slaters Christmas Chronicles book. It runs til February so not much longer on it to go now. It's been a good read. Right take Care all! I'll no doubt (kids permitting!) be back tomorrow with another installment of something ...! Lots of love to all. Keep looking up! Xx

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