Wednesday, 13 January 2021

YAY! The kids left home!!

Yes! Yes you read that right! The kids left home!! Ok it was for a mere 5 minutes but my kids packed their bags and left home to go to fairyland ... As you do! 

Before we get onto that I need to make an apology! I had a complaint about my blog post yesterday in that there were 2 photos of Jessica naked and you could see her back parts but thankfully not front parts. I am sorry for those I offended with this. As it was near the bottom (excuse the pun!) of the photos I just completely missed it as I was concentrating on her hair do! So sorry for the slip and thanks for picking it up. Moving on ...

We started mummy school around midday. Jess worked well and completed all tasks given. Sophie however has only given me this 1 sheet since Monday ... Yes Monday! 

I cannot get her to work for love or money! I even took away her ipad and said she can't have it for the rest of the day but that prompted her to go upstairs and draw a map and pack her bags and go off to fairyland! 

Thankfully I knew where she was going but kept an eye any way. There is a footpath 3 neighbours up the road that goes up the side of the houses and runs down the back of them to all the gardens. It has a dead end and ends right next to our house so I knew from how she had drawn her map that is where she was headed. So that was it! We let her go ... 

It was not long after that I realised the back gate was closed so she couldn't get in. So I went up to open it and look down the alleyway but she was o where to be seen so I followed it round and back up the road to our house and she was waiting on the doorstep LOL. At this point Jessica got interested and also wanted to go to fairy land. So she get dressed and packed a pillow case and off they both went! Then it was a case of rinse and repeat. 

Realised I had shut the gate again so went to open - no kids so walked round - and they were on the door step. Game ended here as both kids had PJ's and shoes on decided they were dressed for going out and that we better get to the pharmacy for drugs for me and to post back 5 return items to Amazon, Blacks and a letter! Got back and fed me and Sophie - Jess was hiding away upstairs. 

A little later Jess complained of tummy ache and said it felt like she was hungry. I then realised I had forgotten to feed a child!! :O I have no idea how I managed this! Must have been because she was hiding away upstairs or something. Any way I quickly rustled up a cheese and tomato toastie and all was good lol! This was around 5pm so we delayed tea until around 7:45pmish and just ate late. Before bed there was a lot of jocularity and fun when the kids were sitting on daddy and slidding down him on pillows!

This came after mummy and daddy were tickling kids to death lol!! All good fun but made for a "fun" bed time! Kids wouldn't go down til 11pm again! :-o

Any way that's it for today. Kids are down, I've lesson planned best I can with nothing from school yet again! and just posting this then i'm off to try to sleep. Had a slight victory in that it was around 2am when I slept last night which is a good half hour earlier than the night before. So small mercies n' all that!

Tomorrow is school zoom days so we shall see if I can hold any attentions after to do lessons. Or just let it drop and get them on the case in the afternoon again as that did work well one night!

Sleep well/good morning! Keep looking up - this to shall pass as they say! Byeee! Xx

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