Thursday, 7 January 2021

Home Education Day 3 - Thursday - Welcome to Zoom!

Hello Dear Friends! (If anyone still reads this!)

Well today was another nightmare but of a different kind! I can safely say things have been thrown up in the air and my routine has gone to pot! 

Now I am quite a fussy sod and prefer to do things my way, my order and my routine thanks! So I am not one to take kindly when school have gone from one extreme last lockdown (no work for weeks on end) to the other extreme this lockdown (zoom meetings all over the shop and a full 6 hour time table!).

Now don't get me wrong its nice to have some structure and some ideas but argh! Times this by 2 kids and things get very complicating!! My life is now revolving around alarms! 

Sooo our first meeting was at 930am. Quite early and I didn't sleep til gone 2am ... again ... Just couldn't drop off. This is a recurring theme these days! So I had around 215 at a guess until 845 when J woke me. Thank goodness she is waking later these days! 7am would murder me! I wanna say since she turned 8 she has been waking later around 8 but obviously with lockdowns and later bedtimes this moves.

Any way I woke Sophie 915 and we had a quick 10 minute snuggle in bed before we went down in our dressing gowns and got on zoom for English at 930! Don't I look rough as hell LOL!!

10:45am and she was back on zoom for Maths. I fed her breakfast between the 2 and she caught 5 minutes of hey duggee on TV for a but of down time - Hey priorities ;-) I was still dead at this point so didn't care less. 

11am Jess needed zoom also for Maths! So logged in on her ipad (Sophie was on hers too but the sound was really quiet!) At this point it all went a bit mad! Sophie needed to do some worksheets live whilst on zoom but they were on purple mash so I had to log in to print them out (Thanks for the advance notice school of this). Then i'm half way through this when Jess needs to log into purple mash to do some work too - well she tried on her ipad but didn't know her log in details! So she couldn't follow on to the lesson and had to "do it later" (Still not done now ...) So I then tried to find her log in details in 2 folders I have but couldn't find them any where! After this Sophie was done and left to finish her Maths sheets but she ran off to play. And as I was still with Jess on her call I let her go. And Jess had another Maths sheet to do that I had had in email and printed out but had also had enough after a back to back lesson of the 2 zoom meetings. So I let her go to plus she wanted lunch by this point!

I collapsed on the sofa with my laptop and that was that for a bit! Then I made Sophie lunch, got dressed, did tidying around kitchen, dishwasher etc then made some lunch for me. After that I thought I would attempt mummy school again but using the school work as they hadn't finished it. 

Any way we sat down and I put Sophie at the table to finish her Maths and Jess to do hers. Then Jess did a posted for school about their current topic "Can there be another me - or how to make another me" something like that! Sophie was starting to flag so I did her key words - all right yay! And then she wanted to draw a picture of a cat we read about in her school book. She wrote describing words for the cat - eg - furry and that the cat was scared. I have photos of the cat and the origional in the book. Isn't it good!! I love it! Jess did a second Maths sheet from school and her spellings and then I let her free too. I had had enough for the day!!! 

That's the pictures of the day ended off with Sophie and her babies having a nap on the floor!

Right I shall try and update again tomorrow night but with how exhausted I am I might just pass out before the kids at 8pm hahaha!!! I have no real plan for tomorrow but most likely similar to today.

Right sleep well - or more likely good morning and have a good day all!! Keep looking up - although i've given up on the snow now! It ain't happening ...!! Lots of love to all - From the mad house Xx

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