Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Home Educating Day 2! Wednesday

I am pleased to report today WAS a better day! Jess - despite waking earlier than of late - was in a good mood and complied with all tasks given. School was over and done with in an hour for her and 2 for Sophie as she dragged it out a bit more and wanted extra tasks!

Jess started with a reading comprehension worksheet and Sophie finishing yesterdays worksheet working on the world With, What and Have.

We followed on with Maths work. Powerlines - a school hand out for Jess. Tbh I think this went over both her and my heads! I explained it wrong to her so the hubby tells me. I never was one for Maths! She then tackled some fractions. A bit of revision here as that is year 3 work!

Sophie had number lines up to 10 which she mostly found easy as expected.

Next we moved onto spellings and keywords:

At this point Jessica was done thank you very much! But Sophie carried on so I gave her the task (or EYFS did last lockdown) of writing a list of farm animals and then drawing them.

She then put the numbers 0-20 in the right order and had to match the words to the numbers! She mostly got them but got the word eleven mixed up with eighteen. So we will repeat this tomorrow ...

Today Sophie pouched her bunny round her neck in a sling and we rounded the day off with some painting at 8pm! Just to be a bit random!!

Right that's it for today! Tomorrow is going to be a right mess as Sophie has zoom meetings at 930/1045 and then Jess on Zoom at 11am. So goodness knows how i'm going to fit paperwork around those. Although should mean more 1 on 1 so aim to do Jessica's work whilst Sophie.s on zoom then swap around! Right need to hit the sack gotta be up earlier tomorrow ARGH! Me and mornings don't agree!! Sleep well all! Keep looking up X

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