Friday, 29 January 2021

I'm soooo behind!

ARGH I'm so behind on the blog! So sorry I have been in the pits and in a dark, dark place. Lockdown is driving me mad. That combined with hormones, school pressure and the miserable weather all combine together to just drag one down. Had some self care last night though by sitting in bed and just chilling. Put on the Radio Solent talk show - Paul Miller if anyone else listens. Also read some of my Cabin Porn book. Haha! Putting the word porn in here is totally going to get this post lots of views through google I bet lol! It's a book about different wooden cabins built in the woods in the USA and around the world. A nice little read but could do with the type a little bigger as it's a bit of a struggle to read. Other to that it is a nice size to hold and snuggle up in bed with as it is small. It has lots of pictures which is always a massive plus for me as I am very visual. All in all a nice relaxing read as it's easy to dip in and out of. It was a book that hubby got me for my birthday last year as a complete surprise. I'll pop some piccies below but if anyone fancies a look at it Amazon have it here:

Any way besides this little book I also put some relaxing music on a log fire tv channel on You Tube after 1am. When I laid down to sleep I also did a 10 minute stint of a meditation on the Headspace app. It always seems to ground me and make me feel a little better even if not completely. 

Tomorrow is a inset day at school so my weekend starts here - Yippeee! So I plan to get this post up with content from last weekend as I never got round to updating on that and then another at some point covering this weeks home educating etc.

Right last Saturday saw me in Jessica's room again. My task was to pull out this mess and find floor and a desk so that I can move furniture around! Need to move the chest of drawers into her and the desk out. 

I took all the books off the bookshelf. I put into 2 plastic boxes the ones we were keeping to go back on the bookshelf. I then made 2 more piles - 1 for Jess to sort if she wants to keep and 1 to give to Sophie.

I found doing all this hard work as I was really low on energy again. I think the mental exhaustion is taking it's toll. I seem to notice the day after a rough day emotionally it manifests in physical exhaustion after. However it's the weekend, i'm free, and I need to be productive. So I work through it gradually.

This was after I had cleared the floor and the bookshelf.

This is how the desk looked after I had cleared loads of paperwork, pens, books and generic kid clutter!

I had to put the dolls house and the suitcase back in there for now for the room to function but these will have homes - somewhere - at some point!!

While I was sorting the desk we had a family zoom meeting going on as Sophie wanted to do play teacher over zoom (like her teacher of course!) so we made one and all 4 of us logged in - we later invited grandma. The 40 minutes ran out so we made another and invited Aunty Zoe and the girls 2 cousins - R and Z.

Sophie's highlight from the day was playing the titanic in a dolls bath with a see through ball being the iceburg and the doll on the sponge as the boat. They have been doing the titanic in English at school.

Right that's it for last Saturday. Sunday was a special day and will be picture heavy so warrants it's own posting! I will put it up tomorrow! Sleep well all! Or good morning/Good day where ever in the world you lovely people are! Keep looking up! Xx

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